Tensports and India vs Pakistan live telecast..
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How can you love someone who hurts you the most..well, this is what Tensports is for me..

I started my cricket blog on 2nd of December last year and till now, I have recieved maximum people wanting to know about Tensports.pngTensports and iits case with Doordarshan. But the actual reason I am after this channel in my blog is that i don't have ita t own place. Being a cricket lover that I am, I have to travel quite far every moring to catch few hrs of India vs Pakistan..

A lot of things have happened in Tensports case and here is all of them, sorted by date. I hope it serves your need..

20th December : Indian goverment makes it mendatory for all the channels to share feed with Doordarshan, the premier channel of India. Zee sports agree but Tensports didn't. The telecast rights for the Pakistan tour is with Tensports but Doordarshan wants the feed so the Case goes to Supreme court.

20th December : Tensports offers to share the feed with Doordarshan in the rural areas of India, where cable connection is not available!!

6th Januray : The story of 2004 series seems to be happening again as its said that Tensports may share pictures with Doordarshan. Also its LOGO and its avdertisements, exactly like it happened in the last tour.

10th Janurary : Supreme court rules that Tensports can't be forced to share feed with Doordarshan. All India Raid (AIR) also don't manage to give its listeners a live commentory. Doordarshan gets 1 and hlf hrs of highlights every night at 10 pm.

And now yesterday, to a big surprise to Chennai people, Tensports automatically started to reach there television sets, even without Set Top Boxes. There's something of J. Jaylalita and DMK story there as The Tamilnadu goverment seems to be taking over the Cable operators in that state. Here is a Chennai person reporting.  I hope this happens at every state in India so that we can watct some cricket... although it must be noted that Supreme court is yet to give its decision on ODI's and we all may see it on Doordarshan. Don't bank it though!!

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