How many ways batsman can get out in cricket = 10.
Cricket is a batsman's game. or is it? a bowler can bowl the worst ball of his life, yet he gets another chance whereas one bad shot from a batsman might end the match for him.

Manoj-Tiwary-Debut-Bowled41.jpg Often I wonder whether batsman (or bats they use) in world cricket have evolved lot more than the bowlers over the years. Even when there are 10 total ways in which a batsman can be dismissed in a cricket match, bowlers are failing to device methods to bring about a batsman's dismissal.

Now that we've made a note of the fact, in following, I repeat & explain all the 10 modes of dismissals there are in a game of cricket. read carefully all you bowlers out there..

Fielders can't get hold of (aka catch) the ball hit by batsman before it hits the ground. if it happens ~ batsman is out. The fielder can be anyone among the 11 players standing in playing area, including the wicket keeper.

When the ball, as it comes out of bowlers hand - strikes the stumps. This can also happen after an edge off a batsman's bat.

Leg before wicket (lbw)
batsman are not allowed to block a delivery off their pad or other body parts.. if they do, with no use of bat and umpire feels the ball was going on to hit the stumps - that LBW - leg before wicket = out. full explanation of lbw rule.

Run out
Both batsman have to be at opposite ends, within the marked crease. While a ball is in play, and fielders break the stumps with no batsman in that crease - that's a run out!

Consider both batsman run to the same crease as fielders break stumps at opposite end.. which batsman is out? answer is the batsman who second reached the crease.

Batsman have to play the ball while keeping some part of his body inside the batting crease. not that he can't go out to hit a ball - if the wicket-keeper gathers the ball & breaks the stumps - that's dismissal 'stumped'.

Handling the ball
Batsman cannot touch a ball with this hand while it's in play. they can use their bat to deflect it, but not through hands.. otherwise they'll be out 'Handling the ball'.

Timed out
Once one batsman is dismissed, next batsman should come & take strike within 3 minutes. not a single batsman has been given out timed out in International cricket, ever!

Double hit
Once a batsman has played their shot - made some kind of contact with the ball - they can't hit it again!

Hit Wicket
Hit the ball, don't hit the wickets with your bat or any other body part!

Obstructing the field
Batsmen are not allowed to deliberately come in way of a fielder catching or fielding a ball.

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