Cricket - how much a game of toss
I never understood how few of my friends knew the cards I had, in a compelling game called 29 we still play, whenever meet. Everytime they'll deal the cards - they know where the big pointers went, n what we've as opposition.

The similarity with cricket is, one captain gets to hold the coin - push it in air as much as he wants - at any rotation n angle, whereas other captain gets to pridict one of two possibilities. 2nd one has only 1 off 2 or 50% mathematical chance, but the one who deals Crickettosscoin.jpg(I mean tosses) can certainly do more than that.. agree??

Let it be. The fact is - cricket is also a game hugely depending upon the ground location from the sea (Humidity), wind strength, soil nature (Pitch) & moisture on the field (dew). along with rain reports, time of start (means D or D/N) and duration that match will be played for (means test, ODI or 20/20).

The Point is, quite a few cricket matches are hugely effected merely by who bats first, and who chases a total in the end. A good toss you win, and your teams starts with added advantage. You don't automatically win the match, but advantage belongs to you even before duece is played.

I've seen Indian captain Rahul Dravid hiding the coin whenever he tosses. another fact I must remind you that ICC keeps record of who had tossed the coin last time, and other one gets to do it in the next match of same series between two countries..

Another fact is, South African batsman Daryll Cullinan (does free lance commentary these days) came up with a view that 'there shouldn't be any toss' in a test series between two countries. Cullinan opinioned that all touring captains should be allowed to chose (either batting or bowling) and host will oblidge.. just because they are more equipped to face the adverse conditions.

Year was 1998 and yes, Cullinan's views were neglected by ICC.

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