Bangladesh trick : slow & very low pitches for India series
For the first time in their cricketing career, Bangladesh find themselves with a strong belief of (not upsetting but) beating neighboring India ~ even before the series has started. and honestly, I've my doubts too..

Series starts 10th of May, Mirpur is the name you should start thinking where first two onedayers will be played. Day matches they will be. meaning - bright sunshine of 38 TendulkarRechingOut.jpgdegree centigrade heating up the pitch at Sher-e-Bangla National stadium. The story behind this article I'm writing is, that 22 yards strip Bangla curators have made. I picked up this story from 'The daily star' which is a proud Bangladesh online newspaper. Bishwajit Roy has written an article which only mentions 'ball keeping low' once, but whole article is directed towards the pitch at Mirpur city. for those who don't know, Mirpur is very much next to Bangladesh capital Dhaka & isn't much different in looks.

Back to the pitch, what exactly Bangla think tank feel is their trick to demolish Indian batting once again. Slow, and very very low in bounce plans is what dave watmore has. Another important factor is that Bangladesh consulted Pakistan swing legend Aquib Javed to act as bowling coach a few days back. Not sure how much that worked out, or may be story didn't reach to media. but in short - Bangladesh believe little bit of reverse swing & extremely low in bounce pitches are the trick for them. Mashrafe Mortaza is in bowling form of his life, with Sayed Rasel emacculate with line & length.

Then they have array of slow bowlers, who plan to give ABSOLUTELY no chance for Indian batting to go under the ball - and hit it for six. Acting coach Ravi Shastri said after reaching Bangladesh that "we are here to play hard cricket" and have bought some special new talent. Manoj tiwary was the name he DIDN'T mention. But to tell you the inside view (my dear reader), Watmore Bashar & company knew Team India will try for sixes..

Bangladesh plan not to allow Indian six hitters get under the ball, by making no bounce pitches. Their own batsmen are seriously short, which negates the lack of bounce for them. I'm sure Dravid Shastri & company will work it out, but what does a cricket fan in you think.

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