India vs South Africa series on ESPN & Star Sports.
Now the telecast clock has come back to the channel on which I love watching cricket the most - espn starsports combination.

Espn star duo has been showing us all the cricket played in South Africa (excluding World Cup 2003) for a number of years. In fact, espn was the first channel that forced a 14 year boy turn the family regulations around and have cable tv at home.

That was me and the year was 1996. Series was India Pakistan Sahara Cup and I was in my tenth.espn.jpg

Anyways, falling on the topic in hand, Espn and starsports - the two very familier channels in India will live telecast India vs South Africa series or India's tour of South Africa or Ind vs SA 2006 series or whatever you call it. The channel won't change.

What will change is commentary. ESPN and Star Sports have plans to serve both hindi and English commentary during this November to December series and they'll call it Swabhimaan.

Not only that - channel espn will live telecast the 2006 Ashes series and the commonwealth tri-series will be on starsports, which included New Zealand with Australia and England. read more.

The match timings

Star sports in India has turned into a hindi channel and they will show India v South Africa series in our national language. The preview program before every match against South Africa will be called as "Pavilion se" whereas Channel ESPN will name it "Taking Gaurd". the lunch time program will be same for both - "mid wicket".

Now the question remains what will be the start time - well, it's very confusing. Day one day internationals (the MTN ODI series) will be starting at 1.30 pm or 1330hrs IST while Day/Night ODI's will start at 6pm. The Ind/SA test matches (Castle Lager test series) will be starting at 1.30pm for all three test matches.

The highlights timing :

Whenever Indian team plays in South Africa or West Indies - Indian audiances miss the later half of the match whereas whenever StarsportsLogo.gifmatches in Australia and New Zealand is happening, they miss the first half. And thus highlights timings become essential.

What I can tell you in short that highlights of every previous match will be shown on espn and starsports just before the next match is about to start. Otherwise, you need to read this to find more highlights timings of India South Africa series.

How to get the channels Espn & Star sports :

There are over 30,000 cable operators in India who are showing both ESPN and starsports channels through their cable service, and you can have them through Dish Tv and TATA Sky's direct-to-home services. These two sports channels are easily the most popular ones in India.

But if still aren't able to have these channels at home, call 011-55567827 (Delhi), 080-8056947827 (Bangalore), 022-56305555 (Mumbai), 033-22883056/57 (Kolkatta).

You can also mail at and get in contact with officials who will help you get ESPN and Star Sports channels at your home.


-:- The way advertising companies are aquiring screen space these days, even when live cricket is on, make me fear this special channel combination will be haunted by the same.

we audiances can't change company policies... can we? I am sure someone related is reading me.
dish Tv.jpg
-:- Sportscentre, the monday to friday news program on channel espn will be the best bet to catch the latest and inside view of Indian cricket team during this series. For the simple reason that they both are babies of same "Great father".

In the end, does this article sounds like I am too impressed by these two channels....??

Of course I am. And you'll find out as you watch the series.

-:- No live telecast by Doordarshan :

After Cileing fans, Televison is the second most sold electronic good in India. But Cable Tv is not that widely spread. That makes like difficult for millions of cricket lovers. Doordarshan or DD Nationals is the only channel reaching to them but I have to sadly state that DD1 will not telecast any of India vs South Africa matches.

Neither will DD Sports or any other channel of our national network. The series won't have any radio commentory as well on All India Radio (AIR). But the news is not that bad. Soon Indian goverment will be passing a bill which will make sure all Indian cricket matches be shown on Doordarshan. The private channels will have to share their live feeds with DD National or any other daughter channels of there's.

There is also a new channel called Neo Sports which will make like easier for our rural areas. Either you wait for 4-5 months of read this for more information on the topic.

-:- Planet cricket - half hour special program on India's tour of South Africa 2006. 6 Installment show purely on India vs South Africa cricket series. The timing os telecast will be around sportscentre. Mostly 2030hrs.

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