Sachin Tendulkar v Jacques Kallis v Ricky Ponting : Test matches & ODI career runs, century, fifty, average statistics comparison.
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Sachin Tendulkar vs Ricky Ponting was a battle we all cricket fans wondered about for long but who would have thought another run machine, Jacques Kallis, will come from no where and find a place in between? List of most test century already has South African allrounder in between Indian and Aussie legendary batters and although he's little behind in most ODI century list, Kallis has taken plenty of wickets for his team and is easily the best allrounder we've had in last couple of decades.

Fact : Jacques Kallis made his international debut on 14 December 1995, 6 days after Ricky Ponting (8 December 1995) while Sachin Tendulkar played his first test against Pakistan on 15 November 1989 = almost 6 years earlier.

Now, the question is, which of these three you think is better than other two? Tough choice but if batting alone is the criteria, I'll say Sachin Tendulkar purely because he's leader in career stats (and I'm an Indian) but as a cricketer, Jacques Kallis has proven himself second to none. Having said that, Ricky Ponting who holds record of most wins as captain of his country, has achieved most success as a team player and retired on 3rd Dec 2012. In following, I've listed statistics of these three batting artists but don't forget to share your honest thoughts about who's greater according to you..
Sachin Tendulkar vs Jacques Kallis vs Ricky Ponting : Test career stats.
Batsman (Country) Mts Runs Best Ave. 100s 50s Wkts
Sachin Tendulkar (India) 200 15921 248* 53.78 51 68 46
Jacques Kallis (South Africa) 166 13289 224 55.37 45 58 292
Ricky Ponting (Australia) 168 13378 257 51.95 41 62 5
Sachin Tendulkar vs Jacques Kallis vs Ricky Ponting : ODI career stats.
Sachin Tendulkar (India) 463 18426 200* 44.83 49 96 154
Ricky Ponting (Australia) 375 13704 164 42.03 30 82 3
Jacques Kallis (South Africa) 328 11579 139 44.36 17 86 273

Commented by ahmed on 14 Jan, 2011

Sachin is something you can't find or say in words about him bcz now he has achieved such brilliance hard to compare any one with him as a sport personality. Rest two are brilliant but they are far behind Sachin's brilliance.

Commented by Bipin Rai on 18 Jan, 2011

Ya, there is fight in test but when we talk about one day there should be no doubt about sachin's greatness. he is more than ahead..

Commented by Arunkumar on 02 Feb, 2011

In tests, Sachin's records can be broken by Kallis who is 35 years old and assume that he will play 40 test matches in future till retirement then it's easy to break his record. I'm an Indian but see the talent of kallis when compared to sachin, he made his debut 6 years later than sachin, but he is next name to sachin.

Commented by Arunkumar on 02 Feb, 2011

Sachin only BATSMAN, matches-177, avg-56.94, 100s-50 Ponting only BATSMAN, matches-152, avg-53.51, 100s-39 KALLIS is ALL ROUNDER,matches-145, avg-57.43, 100s-40 and also KALLIS took 270 WICKETS in test cricket. Now think it's how difficult to BAT and BOWL in test cricket. So, i think KALLIS is BETTER than sachin and pointing....

Commented by Hitesh on 03 Feb, 2011

Sachin and Kallis, both are great in their batting. I would say Ricky is out of race now on wards.

Commented by Priyanshu on 03 Feb, 2011

Of course all the three batsman are great in their prospective. But I think Sachin is the greatest player ever in the history. This statement is not said by me. This is proved by his untouchable records which he has made till now.

Commented by Rahul on 16 Feb, 2011

Kallis seems to be coming dangerously near to Sachin's record, but being a South African, they retire early, Sachin has two more years of test while Kallis might have max 3 more yrs (he bowls and bats, how long do you think he can go). I ve my fingers crossed, no matter whatever heights he achieves, he should not break Sachin's record, as after these three (with the reduced number of tests being played) I do not think there will be anyone playing so many tests or making 50 centurys or so

Commented by krishna on 17 Feb, 2011

sachin, pointin and kallis all the three are great players in cricket history.but kallis is little batter

Commented by NIHAR on 18 Feb, 2011

I would say that all the three are the modern greats of world cricket. but kallis as an all-rounder has done well for his country and it makes him slightly greater among the three players.

Commented by IAGO on 22 Feb, 2011

Kallis without a doubt. If he played as many games as Sachin, he would score more runs.

Commented by fiku on 23 Feb, 2011

Its Sachin definitely...coz though 6 yrs elder kallis but world cricket was not too easy in these year as today seems to be. besides that as kallis is an allrounder his track of comparision is different.

Commented by JItendra rathod on 03 Mar, 2011

My Dear friends...I agree Sachin is a great Batsman...BUT BUT BUT Y 80% of the time of his century india lost the matches..y he has rarely given match wining performance..where other batsman can do .like Lara , Kallis And ricky..Y sachin Looks lazy after making a century..IN my VIew Sachin is a GENIUS BATSMAN BUt not a PERFORMER>>SOrry

Commented by Rajesh on 06 Mar, 2011

What matters in ODI is the score anyway. The way Sachin plays is the classical example of a brilliant cricketer and that made him popular among experts. And ofcourse sachin's records will be beaten very soon, may or may not by present champs. Kallis deserve a high regard as the fact that he is an extra ordinary, stable ALL ROUNDER.

Commented by sello on 14 Mar, 2011

Besides me being a South African Kallis is the best to ever play the game. He got 11 000 runs and 250 wickets. He kept up and bowl and bat. Remember Shaun Pollock players like him blow hot and cold. All hail King Jacques his wicket isnt cheap.

Commented by sello on 14 Mar, 2011

Almost forgot his average. He is superior 2 both Ricky and Sachin

Commented by Mads on 16 Mar, 2011

My dear friend Jitendra Rathod before you give a general statement plz check the statistics and speak. Out of Sachin's 48 tons in ODI's, India have won 33 games, 1 draw, 1 tie & lost 12 games. 3 times Win compare to loss, so don't ever say India lost because Sachin made a ton SACHIN is the greatest ever Batsmen in Cricket history KALLIS is best ever all rounder in Cricket history Ponting -- Great Leader and a winning captain apart from his batting skills and cant reach other two.

Commented by Saurabh on 21 Mar, 2011

Kallis is better than sachin

Commented by pawas on 23 Mar, 2011

in test kallis has a low avg of just 40, while sachin has highest 100 and avg against aus compare to any player, kallis never played against great bowlers that belong to his own country donald ,nitini , pollock , dale styn etc... and sachin has scored well against them...kallis avg in diffcult eng pitches is 29 while sachins is 60+ , kallis has high avg against wi but he mostly played against wi which is minnow as every one know how much WI suck after 2000 , and during 90s WI has one of greatest bowling attack sachin scored against them while kallis mostly played against minnow WI , kallis never played against great bowlers like imran khan abdul qadir just imagin 16 yr old kid debuting in front of these great bowlers.... shows his class and greatness... kallis never played bowlers like mcdormott maclom marshal richard hadlee etc... these are the legends of bowlers which kallis never played.. his avg against SL is just 29 that has great bowlers like vaas , malinga etc.. and the world's best off spinner murlitharan, so mostly when it comes to playing against touch teams he has low avg and when he score more against minnow teams... so in batting he no way near to sachin and lara....

Commented by Bharat Prajapat on 24 Mar, 2011

ALL three are masters. sachin hold the world heigst run and century kalis is the ever best all rounder in the cricket and ponting is the caption who won the heigst match in both ODI Test with two times he made australia t win world cup in his Captaincy

Commented by pawas on 25 Mar, 2011

ponting is not a great captain is just avg the thing is he got the good team anyone can lead the team which he got...tell me what happened after the retirement of the great players like gilly , hayden , mcgrath warne etc..he hasnt done anything after there retirement... 2-0 loss to india 2 times in test, lost ashes 2 times to england 2-1 then 3-1, and now worst performance in this WC not even a single win against good team just win over minnows like cannada kenya etc...lols... ponting is just an avg overrated captain who got extra ordinary great players...

Commented by G V S nagarjuna on 29 Mar, 2011

Sachin can play like Kallis, Ponting or Any other. But No one never play like Sachin. No use/need to compare LEGEND Sachin statistics with any player.

Commented by Kunal on 31 Mar, 2011

Lot of people are giving a special treatment to sachin saying you can compare him with anyone. May I ask why? Sachin is playing the same game so he will be compared. If you think sachin is great then both of other players are great too (if not more)

Commented by Manish Sharma on 15 Apr, 2011

well jack kallis is way ahead of other two,his average is better as compared to sachin n ponting in both forms of the cricket and he has also taken more than 500 wickets in international cricket so there should be no confusion why he is the best.

Commented by gurjent singh on 15 Apr, 2011

sachin has scored 11 test centuries and 9 ODI centuries against a world best team australia i beleive comparing anyone with sachin is a big insult of this living legend nobody is close to him he is a lord of cricket don't think that kallis started playing after 6 years than sachin that was an ability of this great cricketer that he got a space in an indian team at the age of 16 kallis , ponting & lara they are a good players but not great as like sachin

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Commented by Radhu on 19 Apr, 2011

Its a rubbish comment tat sachin is a great player. Only fools will agree sachin is a great player. Ponting is the legend of the cricket, he played better fast bowling attack than anyone. He is a true master, He is a true legend.He is a extraordinary captain.

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Commented by pawas on 30 Apr, 2011

@haroon and manish if u talk about only about batiing , then just dont go by stats or avg thing sachin is by far the best batsman..... kallis not even in league....

Commented by VIPUL on 28 May, 2011

I want to say that don't ever compare sachin with anybody else, he is the Kohinoor while other two are glittering jewels.

Commented by Nitin on 31 May, 2011

Lara was the best batsman and entertainer. Sachin has been playing risk free cricket for the last 10 years. Sure he has scored runs, but its been boring. He has not taken on the attack and single-handedly won a game the way Lara has. The same with Kallis who is an accumulator. If its just a choice between the 3 I would rather watch Ponting bat than the other two.

Commented by sumit on 01 Jun, 2011

In terms of avg in batting Kallis is above both Ponting and sachin. But both Kallis and Ponting play under pressure very well while sachin almost always succumbs under pressure. Plus sachin has a tendency to play for himself and records. Kallis has so many wickets under his belt and has been bowling fast since such a long time . It is high time that he gets the recognition. Ponting is also much better than sachin.

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Commented by BALAJI on 26 Jun, 2011

Sachin has always been the main batting stay of our team. Maybe he has not hit runs in a winning cause but there are occassions when errors occur.. Everyone does not hit 100s every time. If u just take a count of the number of 90s he has been out u can surely estimate his number of centuries can go over 60. All 3 are class players exelling each other in one way or the other so it d be better for us to keep enjoying their contributions. And the bottom line is RECORDS R MEANT TO BE BROKEN

Commented by Arunkumar on 14 Jul, 2011

Hello RAHUL...Dont say SACHIN as "GOD"...The reason why u say him a god is...He has scored more runs and Centuries...Only batting can't make him a GOD... What about MURALIDHARAN and SHANE WARNE they took 800 and 700 wickets respectively...Do we say them as god...obviously no... Because they are not INDIANS..we should give equal importance to batting and bowling.

Commented by mukesh sharma on 23 Jul, 2011

kallis is the next hero,who is world's ever best allrounder and has the potential to break sachin's record in runs but sachin can not break his record in wickets.kallis is excellent

Commented by arun on 27 Jul, 2011

Yes, Kallis is great.

Commented by siddharth on 04 Aug, 2011

Kaliis is better cricketer, Sachin is better batsman

Commented by Priyanka on 04 Aug, 2011

Kallis is the greatest cricketer ever!...he has taken 270 TESTS wickets and many more catches as well... TESTS in bold, because some chickens bring one-day cricket between Kallis and Sachin .. if so, then every bloke from Australia from the late 90s are far far better than God Sachin ;) even in ODIs Kallis averages more than Sachin , he has taken some 264 wickets as well at much better average , bats at 3 (not in and has played mostly in South Africa (wheras in India every other decent batsman averages in 40s)..n yes, there is an latest phenomenon known as T20 internationals as well where Kallis will brutally humiliate Sachin who averages a meagre 10.0 ;)

Commented by Manoj on 23 Aug, 2011

It is easy to play cricket. But is not so easy to fix a position in the world. Sachin is a great player in both test & ODI. But in comparision to Ponting & Kalis, he is not so brilliant in test cricket as the statistics said not me.

Commented by vasan on 24 Aug, 2011

plz never compare in between these greatz 1. Ponting is a great leader under his leadership Austrlia got hat trick of world cups & they dominated the world cricket for 9 years. can u say this for Sachin or Kallis? they have excellent individual performance but we do not play for us but for our country. Lot of pressure as a captain to lead a team and also concentrate in batting. kallis is also be good his allrounder performance unbelievable is no one like him in this point of view we never compare with sachin or pointing if he(kallis) not bat well in a match that time he shine in bowling. sachin or ponting can't do like this but they have good average.

Commented by Nishant on 06 Sep, 2011

India is highest populated country among the International cricket playing when name SACHIN comes billions vote him, cheer him and acknowledge him. But states shows that Jackes Kallis has permormed much better than sachin. He has better average in Test, One days and T20 formate compare to Lord Sachin!!! One Most important Difference is, KALLIS is acting as a regular fast bowler to SA, whereas sachin is just a part time bowler. So, Kallis has edge over sachin. We know , how many fast bowler in india even play for decade, here Kallis not only fast bowler but one down batsman taking most wear and tear on body and still perfoming better. If Kallis has born in India....he would have been officially declared as LORD.

Commented by kumar yash on 27 Sep, 2011

kallis is taking the edge over sachin because of his ability in bowling dept ponting is far behind both of them. Always people compare sachin n ponting but look all my frnds Kallis is the player who averages more than 55 in test after having so long career ..If he belongs to India he will be treated as GOD..

Commented by Sunny on 01 Oct, 2011

I think clearly some indians are being xenophobic. Why Don Bradmen is the greatest of all, because he has the average 99.something . So Cricket is all about statistics and comparision. Why can't Sachin be compared? Is because, he is indian or he should be treated differently from fellow cricketers. Stats are clearly suggesting that Jack Kallis have closely matched batting average after spending whole day as a bowler bending his back again and again and trying to tack wickets for his team to win the match. Imagine his contribution in the team with 270 test wickets and 40 tonnes. As far as test match concern stats or no stats I personally think, No one beats Brian Lara. After all, No one has single handedly win or lead the team as Brian Lara did. Sachin with all skills and tempermant in his 20+ years of carrier haven't produced 300's. So I believe Sachin is one of the greatest to play the game but we should not left any due respect for the genius of Brian Lara and Jack Kallis.

Commented by Namroz Baloch on 15 Oct, 2011

its really unreasonable to say that sachin is not a match winner, because he has won highest number of man of the matches in ODI's.It is not because he has played more matches,because he has been man of the match in every 7th ODI match he has played which is better than kallis and ponting, only player who has a better record than sachi in terms of matches per man of the matches in ODI is vivan Richard. Kallis in only better Test Batsman than sachin. Although i do think Kallis is a better cricketer of all three formats, but sachin you can say has an edge in ODI's.But as we all know best form of Cricket has always been Test cricket and will always be, Kallis is ahead of both sachin and ponting as he has won most number of the man of the matches in Test cricket.

Commented by Jayesh on 04 Nov, 2011

Sachin's average of century is 3.47 (177/51). Kallis average of century is 3.63 (145/40). It shows that kallis is better. Kallis's average is also more than Sachin. Kallis is one year younger than Sachin. Means if Kallis plays one more year then he can break the record of Sachin. To maintain the average more than 55 in test match is extremely difficult. (Check the averages of great batsmen). Look how many batsman has achieved the average more than 57. And above every thing Kallis has proved in BOWL and BAT both. It is extremly difficult to prove in both. Uptill now all the allrounders has performed more in BOWL, But Kallis has done in both department. The media has given more imporatnce to Sachin that is why he is much more talked.

This does not mean that sachin is not good. He is the best but Kallis is little ahead of him because of his allround performance.

Commented by Kapil Sharma on 09 Nov, 2011

Sachin is great batsman who plays for records. He is not at all a match winner whereas Ponting and Kallis are great match winners.

Commented by Gcobani on 09 Nov, 2011

I have question, if kallis average is better than both players and they have played more games why is he not number one?

Commented by Sifiso on 14 Nov, 2011

I may come as biased here since I'm South African. Firtly I think this race should just be between King Kallis and the Little Master with all due respect to Ponting. With that being said I think Kallis is above Sachin both as an all rounder as well as his averages which I think would support the basis that had Kallis and Tendulkar played an equal number of matches Kallis would have more runs just as he has more wickets. Kallis is a true definition of an all round modern day cricketer.

Commented by kenny on 14 Nov, 2011

Kallis has more wickets than all the rest put together. Why not take that into consideration. Sure Sachin has more runs but Kallis has more wickets. you do the math.

Commented by Tiaan on 17 Nov, 2011

Don't get me wrong, I love Tend and Ponting, but you just cannot argue against average, full stop = Kallis

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Commented by Shirsendu Som on 17 Nov, 2011

Keeping in mind the achievement of all three I would like to rate Sachin as top. Then comes Kallis & Ponting. All are telling Kallis has left contribution with bowl as well.But nobody is telling Sachin had also taken 199 wkts in two forms of cricket. On the other hand Ponting is an extraordinary fielder in comparison to the others. Tendulkar has shown equal prowess in 2 forms of cricket while Kallis is good in Test ( Not so in one dayers ) if we go by the records.

Commented by saurabh on 17 Nov, 2011

If a player plays most number of matches then he should score most centuries. Best player of 90's and till now is Kallis guys. Go and check the record against any country, on any turf. See how many wickects he have taken and how many centuries he have scored. Yes that is less than sachin but he had played less number of games than sachin too. and in oneday you can't compare with sachin as sachin is an opener and kallis is not, but yest the runs scored and average all are gr8. SO whatever you guys talk, always know Kallis is the best player born after Bradman, Sobers, Richards, Gavaskar etc not sachin. and talking about sachin, check the number of centuries he scored once all gr8's are gone, all centuries against Pak came when akram, waqar left, against WI, when walsh, Ambrose left. He is best aginst Aus, No comparison there but Kallis too is good against them. And please when comparing in Test, If Rahul Dravid and Tendulkar retires at same day, then there is chance that he overcomes sachin. Never say sachin is gr8 in test, In oneday No comparison as all other three are middleorder batsman, and sachin is an all rounder and he always scores against minnows where as Kallis/Ponting don't get that much chance. They get chance when the team is in trouble.

Commented by nandish on 20 Nov, 2011

only fools can compare great players. greatness won't win d matches 4 u. on a given day any1 can beat any other. all r great. there s nothin called greatest in cricket. grow-up. stop comparing & debating on useless issues.

Commented by mmt on 24 Nov, 2011

I think Ponting is the greatest. He has always played for his team. If you include the run-rate statistic you will see why Ponting is the greatest. He scores his runs at a much faster rate on order to give his team the best chance of winning. Kallis and Tendulkar (to a lesser extent) seem to score runs for their own personal records.

Commented by Tulsi Das Sharma on 18 Dec, 2011

There is no man chasing Sachin in the ODIs, but in Test matches both Ricky Ponting & Jacques Kallis are the strong containders and they are not far behind. So to take a comfortable lead Sachin has to score more n more runs in the coming 2-3 years otherwise his record will be achievable. Moreover Sachin has now hardly 2-3 year of time to continue in Tests whereas both Ponting & Kallis can still play for 5 years more as they are younger than Sachin..............Wish u good luck Sachin....keep it up and score more runs..................

Commented by Ravi on 19 Dec, 2011

Kallis is no where compared to tendulkar in both formats. Sachin's strike rate in tests is far better than Kallis(Kallis:46,Sachin:55).People may say strike rate not matter in tests but test matches are not time less no? Had Sachin given chance to bowl in every test match then it would have been reasonable to compare both of them as bowlars. And see the number of not outs by each player. Kallis has more because his job is to protect the wicket from other end.

Commented by Sub Zero on 22 Dec, 2011

Looking at the stats posted on this very page, it is clear that most of the replies are based on opinion, and not fact! Sure, Sachin is definitely the greatest batsman ever to grace a cricket pitch (I am a South African, by the way), and I love the way he plays, but Jacques Kallis has a better average than him. Ricky Ponting is a tough "never-say-die" captain, who also is a brilliant batsman, but his average is lower than Kallis'. Bottom line: Jacques Kallis has a higher average than both and has taken more wickets than both. Does this make him a better player? NO. I would much rather have Ponting lead my squad than either Sachin or Jacques, and wold much rather have Sachin in my batting lineup than either. In a perfect world, I would have all three in the team, as they are all brilliant batters. Kallis just makes his mark with his bowling ability, whereas the other two are very ordinary with the ball (In ODIs anyway). Batting: - Sachin is number 1: Bats quickly and is awesome to watch. Ponting is also a very aggressive batsman, and exciting to watch. Kallis is pure brilliance, but very slow! Bowling: Kallis, hands down. Captaincy: Ponting - born leader.

Commented by Manish Sharma on 02 Jan, 2012

Kallis is miles ahead of Sachin and its foolish to compare Jack Kallis with any other cricketer. There are almost 50 cricketers who have 50+average in test cricketer but there are only 2 cricketers who have averages of 55+ and has also taken 200+ wickets.

Commented by Nandhu on 02 Jan, 2012

KALLIS has done with both bat and ball for his team not only in Tests & ODIs, but also in T20 format which is becoming a trendy one. Ponting also had done double great job as a batsman & best ever captain in the world (only captain in the world who won backed back to back world cups in ODIs). So its lavish to compare Sachin with those two Criketers who achived a lot for their teams, rather Sachin playing for his own records by reserving a place in 11. Termed as GOD in cricket, but in real he is a devil for all young bloods starving for oppurtunity to play for our nation. Shed occupying a place in 11 for more than 23 years. Hope he will aim at an other record to be a member of a cricket team for 25+ years :P All the very best Sachin...

Commented by Bryan on 04 Jan, 2012

Tendulkar is a great player and personality but in Kallis favour is that most of Sachins tests have been played in the sub-continent which is friendly to batsmen. Kallis achievements look even more astonishing given that he has coped on fast bowler friendly South African wickets. He is underrated by the Brits, Aussies and Indians probably because, like Sachin, he is modest. But what a privilege it is to watch all three regardless of which one you shades the others. A kiwi fan!

Commented by Sumit Pandey on 04 Jan, 2012

Sachin's record against all good team is good, his record against the Australia is also good. Kallis record as a batsman against the good team is not good. So Sachin is all time great....

Commented by Kunal Dar on 04 Jan, 2012

In my honest opinion,an allrounder should always be given more credit as it involves max effort.I would pick Kallis as he's been a consistent performer with the bat & ball.Other players which I would like ppl to consider...Sir Don for his batting average,Sir Gary Sobers for his unbelievable allround abilities & ofcourse the terminator like persona of Sir Vivian Richards probably the only batsman ,bowlers would not sledge to.

Commented by Vrinda on 04 Jan, 2012

With all due respect to these 3 stalwarts of the game.I would pick Mr. Gavaskar to be the best test Batsman as he is the one who faced the best bowling attacks in the history of the game without the help of protective gears.Those were the days when teams use to play on uncovered tracks making the conditions more difficult for batting.I seriuosly doubt any modern player could have coped with such alien conditions.

Commented by justin reeves on 04 Jan, 2012

if you take kallis's average and multiply it by the difference in test matches and one days ,tests being 47 and one days being 136 you will see that there are a couple of hundred runs between tendulkar and kallis with sachin just ahead. however kallis hasn't yet played the amount of tests or one days as sachin has and could surpass the record if he played longer of which he is.this is not adding to the fact that he has taken 270 wickets at test and 3 shy of that figure in one days.we can not get lost in the idea of sachin being the best player ever because cricket is comprised of 3 disciplines ...batting,fielding and bowling.Kallis has them all.he has a better average than sachin in both tests and one days but hasn't played as many games and if given the same amount of time he could have easily without a doubt been the best that has been seen to grace the cricket got to look at the maths of it all.the math says kallis is better than both ponting and sachin with ponting being a big headed bubble gum chewing wanker and the only thing that sachin has on kallis is that he has played more cricket than him

Commented by Siddhesh on 05 Jan, 2012

Kallis is no doubt the best all rounder and also "The greatest cricketer " by cricketing Legends but not to forget that these same Legends have called Sachin "The greatest batsman of all time". If you guys are talking about statistics then Kallis is ahead of Sachin in test but lets talk about ODI the sachin has scored 48 centuries with more than 18,000 runs which is way ahead of Kallis's 17 centuries 11,000 runs. The fact that Sachin has played more cricket than Kallis and hence he is more runs is true but lets not forget the fact that Sachin has played more cricket because he made his debut when he was just 16 yrs old. So for me , I agree that Kallis is "The greatest Cricketer" but "The Greatest Batsman" it has to be Sachin , the man who has performed in Test ODI lets not forget T20, he has a century in his name in IPL.

Commented by Craig on 05 Jan, 2012

As they have played a different number of games the fairest way is to look at their averages and I see Kallis comes out on top in both tests and ODI....Then add 270 test wickets I really don't think anyone could honestly choose anyone but Kallis

Commented by gnanesh on 10 Jan, 2012

It's so foolish to compare sachin with either ponting or kallis.sachin entered in d world cricket at the time of fierceful bowlers like ambrose,Walsh,Donald etc and just faced at d age of nearly 19 and confirm his place in d team nd in world cricket.where as kallis nd ponting entered at an usual time nd in d teams wit great form.

Commented by Siddhant on 10 Jan, 2012

Ricky Ponting is a great batsman. He's just behind Sachin in total runs. Punter has 70 centuries, kallis has 58 and sachin 99. Ponting has 7 double hundreds in test (including 197 and 196), Sachin has 5 and kallis only 2. In their test best Ponting 257, Sachin 248* and kallis 224. Before two years Ponting averaged 60.13 more than Tendulkar and Kallis. I agree that Ponting is not better than tendulkar but is better than Kallis anyday.

Commented by Michael on 17 Jan, 2012

Simply scoring more nos of centuries by Sachin does not make him the greatest player of all times. The big question is how many times his century enabled India to win matches in Test and One day. The fact is that his records pale in comparision to Ricky Ponting and Jacques Kallis. They have recorded more wins for their country when scoring century. Just look at the facts.
Sachin : 51 Test Centuries : 11 Losses, 20 Wins, 20 Draws. Of 20 Wins, 6 wins against Bangladesh and Zimbabwe. Sachin scoring 6 centuries against Zim and Bangla.
Ricky : 40 Test Centuries : 4 Losses, 29 Wins, 7 Draws. Of 29 wins, 2 against Bangla and Zimbabwe.
Kallis : 41 Test Centuies : 03 Losses,... ...20 Wins, 18 Draws. Of 20 wins, 3 against Bangla and Zimbabwe.

In One Day Cricket
Sachin Scoring 48 centuries and India loosing 28 of them
Ricky Scoring 30 centuries and Australia loosing 05 of them
Kallis Scoring 17 centuries and SA loosing 04 of them

Besides I do not remember any worthwhile innings Sachin ever played when India needed the most. On the other hand every body knows what Ricky did to our bowling in 2003 world cup in SA and during Champions trophy in Mumbai.
So who is greatest. Simply scoring centuries and creating records amounts to greatness or contributing to team victory consistently amounts to greatness?

Commented by saddam abdool on 18 Jan, 2012

Sachin & ponting are both world class players there's no doubts bout that but kallis is outstanding besides been the best all rounder for SA I regard him has the worlds best all rounder his ability to perfome never stops he is a master when it cums to selection of shots no one plays a better cricket shot that kallis in my eyes his my best even thou sachin & ponting are good in they own ways I don't think they can match up to the talen that kallis has he is the best ever and wil always be.

Commented by tijo on 21 Jan, 2012

Sachin is great. no one is overtaking him.

Commented by Abhishek bharti on 22 Jan, 2012

You can never compare Kallis with Tendulkar as he is having a better batting avarage in (test & odi) and also he is a great bowler having a fantastic avarage (in test & odi).

Commented by lokesh on 24 Jan, 2012

sachin played most matches than both of Ponting and Kallis, but i wanna ask all of you that you're counting sachin's test ton's as stats..ok out of 51 test 100's he scored almost 10 100's on batsman friendly wicket and against the weak teams like Bangladesh Zimbabwe and toothless Sri Lanka (at home). i'm no way like to say that sachin is god in cricket..who says that..i wanna ask them that how many times sachin scored a century on a Green Pace Friendly Top Soil when Indian Batting was tumbling ? none of it ? how many times Sachin Scored a 100 in Durban, Lords, Perth, Kingston, Wellington..the most Pace Friendly Wickets in the talking about home how many times he Scored 100 in Mohali the fastest indian track..he only scores centuries where no help for bowlers..remember that Aus Eng SA has the sporty track.not the batsman friendly wicket where india become no.1 team. but they even can't score 250 runs in an innings..talking about other teams good at their what about Hayden's 203 in india Amla 253* in India Jayawardene 273 in India..touring team scores lost of runs like 620+ in an innings...but India can bowl out 76 at home ha ha lolz...remember SA v Ind scoring a century where team in trouble makes the batsman great not records.....

Commented by choegon on 26 Jan, 2012

I think Kalis is the best among three, above Ponting and Tendulkar.

Commented by Rahul Choudhury on 06 Mar, 2012

In my point of view JK stands ahead of the other 2 bcoz he not only bats n bowls but he is also a very good athletic fieldsman 2 n in modern day cricket which is competitive rough n tuff he is well suited to any team n any conditions n can acclimatize quite rapidly n mind u in todays fav cricket i.e. t20 cricket he will be wholesome package n the most sought after guy n will b captains trump card player ...

Commented by dave on 09 Mar, 2012

the most fair way to compare the three is by their averages, as they have all played a different amount of games.Going by that Kallis is the best of the three, plus you can add the fact that hes is an all-rounder.If they all played the same amount of games Kallis would hold the most runs scored.

Commented by SHUBHAM on 16 Mar, 2012


Commented by Clement on 16 Mar, 2012

Something must be seriously wrong with some of you. Before commenting shouldn't you take a long, hard look at the statistics before you. Kallis has played 36 less tests than Tendulkar yet boasts a higher batting average. 36 less tests and is ONLY 10 test centuries behind Tendulkar. Kallis has played 130 odd less tests than Tendulkar but still averages better than him in ODI's. Keep in mind that he has taken 550 odd wickets in both formats and then you realise he's a superstar. Tendulkar is very very good of that there's no doubt. Will always be remembered as the greatest. But give Kallis six more years and who do you think will be leading???

Commented by Dinesh on 16 Mar, 2012

Clement, Justin Reeves etc. Please go back and look at the 2000/2001 Indian tour of SA where Tendulkar made a hundred at Bloem in the 1st test. Sehwag's debut. Look at the technique of Tendulkar during that series and look at how Jacques Copycat Kallis changed his technique to mirror that of the Little Master.(Which the SA commentators failed to observe, curiously) Had it not been for Tendulkar, we would not be talking about Kallis now. Kallis is nothing more than a cheap Chinese market Fong Kong fake who modelled his batting style on Tendulkar, right down to the backlift, then took credit for it as if it were his own. Stats dont mean crap, because when you put the two side by side, Tendulkar wins hands down! Also you have to ask the question, who did Kallis make those runs against??? Glenn Mcgrath, Shane Warne, Waqar Younis, Wasim Akram, Curtley Ambrose, Murali??? Or was it the likes of Cory Collymore (or whatever his name was (West Indies), Bracewell (NZ) some real greats there. Kallis is overrated. His bowling is crap. Nothing special about it. His batting is a bad attempt to be Tendulkar, he's good at slip because thats the only place he can field (too fat to put anywhere else). Had Tendulkar taken leg spin bowling seriously, he could've gone down as one of the greats at that difficult art. He's good as it is though because he has skill, something that Kallis lacks. Kallis does have skill at copying though. I prefer Nike would the proper tick. Not Mike with an upside down one. Original is always best! There's only one Tendulkar. No time for wannabe's who bat for their average so that they can be compared with true genius's like Tendulkar. I am South African!

Commented by Malemela on 17 Mar, 2012

Dinesh, You are crap! why do you sound so angry as if you want to prove a point? I'll tell you why, because deep down you know that Kallis is better than the "DWARF" Tendulkar. I used to like Tendulkar very much until i read your comment. People like you make great people like Tendulkar look like crap, I will never look at him the same way i used to because of you. Kallis is NOT fat, he's FIT that's why he can bat,bowl and field still do a good job of it.And by the way we don't have dineshes in South Africa, GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM!!!

Commented by kumara swami raja r on 17 Mar, 2012

Sachin is far better than other two. don't see the runs or wickets taken by a player alone, you have to consider the pressure, match situation, against whom they score runs and the way they playing take all things in to consideration, in that way sachin is far better than other two. (Sachin as scored nearly twenty centuries against aussies and twelve against south africa which both teams are best among the teams.

Commented by BRAVOH on 13 Apr, 2012

OK i am a south-african who played cricket for the better part of his life and understand certain elements of the game and presures that come with it--out of all the three cricket greats----ricky ponting i've got a lot of respect for him...I mean this is the guy that perfomed well with the bat and lead his team to 2 world cup glories-- history of the game shows that most captains didn't perfom that well with either bat or ball, they would have otherwise but not to the way Ponting perfomed. NOW my question is, "WHAT HAS TENDULKAR AND KALLIS DID FOR THEIR COUNTRIES TO BE CALLED THE GREATEST" ok tendulkar recently won the world-cup......but he didn't lead his team to that glory....kallis---ohh boy my country just got a tendecy of certain perfomances in major tournaments.... now how do you rate a it about their number of runs and wickets and catches, runouts etc....or by where they took their country TO.....OR IS IT BOTH THIS ELEMENTS...... FOR me personally, we can't compare these 3 guys.....non of them is better than the other......KAllIS IS A GOOD ALLROUNDER (MAYBE OF ALL TIME)----TENDULKAR IS GOOD BATSMAN (MAYBE OF ALL TIME) PONTING IS A GREAT LEADER (MAYBE OF ALL TIME)---3 DIFFERENT CRICKETERS.

Commented by Amitav on 27 Apr, 2012

I think Kallis is best for ODI, Sachin is best for Test and Ponting is average for ODI & Test cricket.

Commented by Alonzo on 28 Apr, 2012

Tendulkar seems to be a real crowd favorite and it is unlikely that either Kaliis or Ponting will ever place as many games as him, therefore I'd give it to Kallis solely on the basis that I have watched him perform for SA when they were really up against the wall and his temperament and focus is exceptional. Of the above mentioned players, which of them are still shining? Kaliis, still the top ranked allrounder and no. 3 on the latest test rankings... where are the other two?

Commented by Aibak on 13 May, 2012

Ponting is the best because he has played best under pressure. he got more double hundreds than tendulker, back to back double hundreds, hundreds in each innings of 100 test match vs South africa (only player to do it) most no of times hundreds in each innings of a test match, won most matches as a captain , won 16 consecutive test matches as a captain, has got most wickets in the form of run outs, has more catches than both others, has led his team to champions trophy victory 2009 (team without warne mcgrath, hayden , gilchrist), won everything against pakistan 2010 3 tests 5 ODis 1 T20 (pakistan having amir younis yousaf) his avg increased as a captain, he has been run out most times by other batsmen 30 times in ODI and 14 times in Test (more than others). so all this shows that PONTING IS FAR BETTER THAN OTHERS .

Commented by Hardus on 17 Jun, 2012

The only reason Sachin is as great as he is, is because of India. India with such a huge population tends to think inside the box(india). Lets say Sachin is the best batsman ever: thats where his talents mostly STOPS. certainly Kallis is then greater!

Commented by Brad on 04 Jul, 2012

How can the first poster say SRT is a leader in career stats before posting a table that has Kallis averaging the most in both forms??? Kallis is head and shoulders the most valuable of the lot on the field.

Commented by GV on 13 Jul, 2012

In last two decades the best bowling attack was AUS, S. AFRICA , SRILANKA PAKISTAN and ENGLAND. please check the record of kallis pointing and sachin against these countries. SACHIN - 64 CENTURIES KALLIS - 31 CENTURIES POINTING- 48 CENTURIES KALLIS made one century in one day against AUS and POINTING made two Against S.AFRICA and SACHIN made 9 Against AUS and 5 Against S. AFRICA Also pointing not playing against best bowling attack of AUS and kallis against S. AFRICA and both playing against cosistentely poor attack of INDIA.Also see SACHINS 90+ scores and Strike rate in both format as it makes big different in Oneday cricket.Apart from that INDIA Wwere had only one math winner and AUS and S. AFRICA were had 11 match winner. So i feel that as far batting is consult no human can compare SACHIN with any other player.

Commented by Ashwin Singh on 15 Jul, 2012

From what the statistics show, Sachins only real achivement is playing more matches, which all boils down to his early debut. So really his only skill was that he developed early. Aside from being a child prodigy he has nothing much going for him except that he is a hero to a long suffering Indian people desperately in need of one.

Commented by Ashish Bijalwan on 23 Jul, 2012

The points in favor of Sachin and Ponting are that they had great averages and great strike rates. It meant they dominated the opposition bowling when they were in full song. Lara never had greatest average, but he was the most dominant among all of them when he was in full song, but he was never consistent. Among three of them, Kalis has been the most consistent because of his playing style which resembled more like Rahul Dravid than Ponting or Tendulkar. He would not dominante even if he is playing at 180 not out and would wait for the right bowl to hit. The onus of scoring runs fast was left on other batsmen around him. This allowed him to play his game the way he can play best. If South Africa ever needed Kallis to score run faster than a particular pace, he would find it much tougher. That's why for a very long time nobody took a note of the amount of runs he was scoring. Everybody talked about Lara, Tendulkar, and Ponting which were attacking batsmen. Kallis had the best technique among them, so he was able to play best in tough situations. Ponting was second best after that where he was able to play better against quickies and that too by dominating them. Tendulkar was the most balanced among all of them. He was never the best player on a spinning track nor the best player on a fast pitch. He was never as fast as a Jayasurya or Afridi or Sehwag, but he was never as slow as Rahul Dravid or Kallis. He would play the same level of game against either in tests or in ODIs. We all seem to forget that he has score almost 50 centuries in ODI which is a very tough format to score centuries. This is the reason why so few people have that many centuries there. You have to score at a fast pace and rotate the strike without being too aggressive. This is something nobody ever was able to achieve at that consistent level. Tendulkar's problems lied with his over analysis. He lived his life under huge pressure and expectation with millions of Indians asking him for a century every time he set his foot on the pitch. This pressure cannot be underestimated as no other cricketer in the world has ever felt that much of pressure or survived under that amount of pressure. Lara found it so tough that he went into oblivion in the late 90s. Besides it is much tougher for the subcontinent players to play against the quickies as you have to adjust to lifting balls at paces that you have never played in domestic league only after you have reached the test level. Most experts believe it is much tougher to learn to play on the back foot when compared to learning to play on the front foot which you have to do against the spinners. That is why most South Africans and Australians eventually learn to play spinners compared to sub continent players who have to learn to play the quickies on grassy wickets. Sachin would never be able to achieve the consistency of Kallis, but he is the closest. He would never be able to achieve the ability to play disdainful shots against the quickies as does Ponting, but he is the closest. He would never be able to play the bowlers as disdainfully as the Lara could, but he is the closest with the most wide array of shots. One thing that no other cricketer can achieve would be to survive the pressure of performing every time put by a billion people. The joy he brings to his fans is unparalleled. No other cricketer has been adored or respected as much as Tendulkar had been.

Commented by SHANKAR on 30 Aug, 2012


Commented by Alok on 03 Dec, 2012

See, the comparison should not be made just by looking at the overall records. Many many things should be taken into consideration like playing conditions (home or away), playing order (it definitely matters if you are playing at middle order and the work your team has done till that point), pitch stats, which teams you score the most against etc. If I am striking centuries against bangladesh and getting ducks against a good bowling team like SA, it changes the equations. If I am an opening batsman and strike a century when target was 350 vs its 100/5 and target is 400, this matters a lot. But personally I think Kallis is better in this comparison for one plain simple reason. He BATS and BOWLS and does both quite good. You need another level of fitness and skills to perform both this consistently. No doubt, he is probably the best cricker of all time!

Commented by Maxwell Engelbreht on 04 Dec, 2012

Leave out the fact that batsmen did not face certain bowlers, plays less on certain pitches or scores more when teams are winning/losing, stats are conclusive (especially in cricket), JK is the best modern day player in test cricket. Keep in mind that he has not even mentioned retirement, he is a shoe in for the record of most test runs which will not be broken due to the fact that no of test matches are decreasing rapidly esp with T20 and all the $ involved. As for the age argument, if JK started earlier he would've had even better stats because he had the temperament, ask the likes of S Waugh, Warne and Healy who had given up trying to sledge him even in OZ. All of them faced the same quality bowling, played on the same pitches all over the world still he came out tops. Test cricket is the true benchmark of the game yet in all 3 formats he's still in contention as the greatest. Don't get me started on the bowling.... In my view ponting still had a lot to offer in tests, but the lure of $ was too strong. Not for King Kallis though....

Commented by Shyam kothari on 31 Dec, 2012

Sorry to say kallis is ever best player of test cricket history nethier sachin nor pointing stand in front of him he the greatest

Commented by Peter on 12 Jan, 2013

Dead simple -the only stat that matters is the AVERAGE. The rest doesn't matter. If number of runs or centuries counted Don Bradman would be an unknown. And yes I am a South African and there's nothing more I enjoyed than watching Sachin bat - he is also a marvelous gentleman

Commented by Hemant on 14 Nov, 2013

Peter: With the increase in the no of matches the average would tend to go down. And on basis of that you'd find that the difference between the no of matches played is huge while a very small difference in the average.

Commented by Kholofelo on 02 Aug, 2014

If we use runs to compare them we have to be fair by considering the number of games play. We do this by using their averages, kallis wins. Number of wickets, kallis wins. Sorry indians but stats dont lie. Lets accepts it and move on. I know people are loyal to their own. Thats the reason we have to use stats. King kallis greates

Commented by Raj on 10 Aug, 2014

I think all the three are equal. No one great than other. Sachin is the top scorer, so he is great. Kallis is near to Sachin's record and he also has got a lot of wickets, so he is great. I will rate Sachin more than Ponting, because he has got more runs. Kallis has got runs and also wickets. So he is greater than Ponting. But don't forget that Ponting was also a Great Captain. There was pressure on him as a captain. So he also equal to Sachin and Kallis.

Commented by Mahanand Yadav on 18 Oct, 2014

No one can campare God ...but I'll say kallis is the greatest allrounder ever and punter, one of the greatest batsmen, captain too

Commented by Saurabh on 18 Oct, 2014

In my honest opinion Jack Kallis is the best cricketer ever. He is second to none. He is the King of Cricket.

Commented by Pieter on 16 Nov, 2014

Its quite interesting how certain people above has such an inferiority complex, "Sachin can not be compared...." BS. taking away stats and whether they bowled and batted, I would rather have JK in my team, purely because he gives a sense of stability to a team, while he's there, you always feel you can win.

Commented by Mayur on 15 Jan, 2015

Sachin is far better than both Ponting and Kallis.. Playing from 1989 to 2013 is not an easy journey... To get a place in Indian team at the age of just 16 is the toughest task n to maintain stamina for playing so long is utter will power. No one can compare Sachin with any one. He is central attraction of Indian team from the era of Kapil Dev and Mohammad Azharuddin to Rahul, Saurav to Yuvi and Dhoni. He is the best in all these years.

Commented by Prabhat Karn on 05 Mar, 2015

SACHIN is far better than both great players.. i m sayig that not because of i m an INDIAN. and not looking after stats. Its all about how long you sustain and also how easily you adapt the changes in formats AND itz biggest example is that SACHIN is the 1st batsman who score double century in ODI.. it proves his mental toughness.

Commented by Ronald on 11 May, 2015

Lara is the greatest of his generation, then Sachin. Viv Richards was the greatest of his generation. Sobers before him. ABDV is the best of this generation. Kallis is the second greatest all rounder after Sobers.

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