If a complete day of a test match is washed due to rain, then can the test match be extended to a 6 days match? and if say 3 days are washed due to bad whether and not even a ball is bowled, can the match be re-played on some other venue?
Asked by: atul on 17-12-2011

Commented by Binit on 19 Dec, 2011

Nope, not in current tight scheduling that teams go through. There's no possibility of adding an extra day after rain eats up play time but there's been some occassions when match is rescheduled at different location but not because of rain but other factors like poor pitch. If you remember, a test match between England and West Indies at Sir Vivian Richards ground in 2009 was abandoned due to sandy outfield just after few overs and another test match was added to the schedule at Recreation ground, also in Antigua.

That was due to other factor but rain can't reschedule a match but only result a draw from whatever play was possible.

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