Stats of Sachin Tendulkar against Shoaib Akhtar.
Asked by: Rajiv on 23-09-2011

Commented by Binit on 23 Sep, 2011

Sachin Tendulkar has played 9 tests in which Shoaib Akhtar was part of Pakistan's team, making 416 runs at an average of 41.60 with one century (194 not out at Multan). 3 of those tests were played in India in which Tendulkar averaged 37 while remaining 6 were in Pakistan when he averaged 44.66.

Sachin Tendulkar has played 19 one day matches in which Shoiab Akhtar was part of Pakistan team, making 864 runs at an average of 45.47 and highest score of 141 which is also his only century in those games. 4 of those matches were played in Australia, 1 in England, 5 in India, 5 in Pakistan, 1 in South Africa, 1 in Sri Lanka and 2 in UAE.

Commented by Suryakant on 01 Oct, 2011

Instead of pointing fingers on other pleasse go through your record history and try to come out from your failure. Everyone in the World is knowing who shivers to whom.

Commented by binod on 01 Oct, 2011

hey shoaib, did you forget 2003 world cup match? sachin made 98 runs and Shoaib Akhtar bowling figure was : 10 0 72 1 (7w). there are so many identical bowling figure of shoaib against sachin. conclusion is self explanatory.

Commented by izhar on 06 Oct, 2011

you just have put stats of sachin. why not of shoaib that how many times he cleaned him out?

Commented by Binit on 07 Oct, 2011

Shoaib Akhtar has got Sachin Tendulkar out thrice in 9 test matches, twice caught by wicket keeper Kamran Akmal and once bowled at Kolkata in February 1999. That bowled was probably the most highlighted one as it was a first ball duck for Tendulkar and Shoaib ran around Eden Gardens like a flying jet.

In one day international, Akhtar has got Sachin 5 times from 19 matches, twice lbw and once caught by wicket keeper and twice by other fielders.

Commented by tini on 17 Jan, 2012

ya now count how many 4's and 6s sachin smashed akthar for. thats more interesting!

Commented by monis on 19 May, 2012

sachin hits 35 four and 3 sixes since 1998-99 to 2008 against Akhtar.

Commented by Proud Not A Fanatic Indian on 17 Nov, 2013

one thing Mr Monis u forgot.. In the 19 matches of their encounter. India went on to win 10 of them and Pakistan 9. I may be wrong . But India leads in it (100% sure ) .In test matches it is 3-3 (100% sure). But this in no way shows whose better. Just the same way as it cannot be said that Sachin performance was poor or great against Akhtar merely by average. He may not scored much in a match , but would have hammered Akhtar in that match . For this ball to ball comparison needs to be done. But as an ardent cricket fan and seeing cricket for so long , there is no doubt Sachin had the better of Akhtar though the latter also had his time.

Commented by Haris khan on 06 Feb, 2014

shoaib akhtar vs sachin lol @ sachin 8 time dismissals :-p Enjoy! 0 (1 b) (ATC 1998/99) 9* (13 b 1x4) (1999 WC) 0 (1 b) (1999/2000 Sharjah Cup) 22 (12 b 3x4 1x6) (2003 World Cup) 2003/04 Pakistan v India 20 (23 b 3x4 1x6) 22* (26 b 3x4) 6 (7 b 1x4) 2* (10 b) 62* (77 b 6x4 1x6) 0 (1 b) 25* (23 b 4x4) (2004 Asia Cup) 7* (9 b) (2004/05 BCCI Platinum match) 2005/06 Pakistan v India 4 (11 b 1x4) 0* (2 b) 13* (12 b 3x4) 2007/08 India v Pakistan 4 (7 b 1x4) 5* (12 b 1x4) 6* (10 b 1x4) 19* (26 b 3x4) 1* (1 b) 16* (34 b 2x4) 9* (10 b 2x4) TOTAL: 251/328 Dismissals: 8, Average: 31.38, S/R: 76

Commented by Shoaib on 13 Aug, 2014

Why are you people comparing stats of Sachin Tendulkar and including things like "Sachin scored this much when Shoaib was a part of the team". Just look at the stats of balls bowled by Akhtar to Tendulkar. Here are the stats. I've collected the ball-by-ball data from every match Tendulkar played v Akhtar. Contrary to popular belief, commentary started in 1998/99, a few months before the pair first faced off. So it was relatively easy to collect the runs Tendulkar scored v Akhtar, especially because until the 2003 World cup he didn't score many at all. Here's the list, across formats : Tendulkar averages 27.14 against Akhtar at a S/R of 76.

Commented by Manoj Pandey on 23 Sep, 2014

What I understand is that at initial stage Sachin was a bit scared of Shoaib because of his awkward action, extreme pace obviously after first ball duck in Kolkata Test. Sachin always wanted to win mind game against Shoaib but could not make it. In WC-2003 he dominated and since then Sachin was more comfortable against Shoaib.

Commented by Mazid Khan on 10 Nov, 2014

Shoaib Akhtar could have made is name big ...but because he thinks he is the greatest bowler in the world (which is not in reality) down graded and now no one will remember him in future..

Commented by Ashutosh Tiwari on 30 Jan, 2015

I agree with Mazid Khan . Wasim Akaram is (was, is ,will be) greatest bowler for all time.See i am the big fan of cricket and i know much about cricket. I never saw bowler like Wasim Akram.

Commented by Rehan on 23 Feb, 2015

Its 100% true Sachin is the best batsman and there is no doubt in it. and its also 100% true that at the initial stage he shivers a lot while facing shoaib. many times shoaib shouted on him , hit ball at various body parts, but in 2003 worldcup he played him well, whereas his over all average against shoaib is 27.14. moreover his total sixes and fours over the ten years of shoaib's span is same as only one inning of saeed anwar's 194.

Commented by Bunty on 25 Sep, 2015

Interestingly whenever Sachin was a set batsman Shoiab Akhtar hardly used to bowl to him. It is only when Sachin used to get out cheaply, that time Shoaib was the bowler. Had Shoaib Akhtar been the dominance then he would have definitely got the chance to play WC semifinal 2011 against India which was the last world cup of Sachin

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