What is the procedure to become a cricket commentator for National n International level?
Asked by: Peter on 08-06-2011

Commented by Binit on 08 Jun, 2011

This isn't exactly a cricket question because which broadcasting company hires whom is purely their prerogative but at normal temperature & pressure, someone who has played cricket at first class or international level are given priorities as fans who're listening can relate to their names, although playing experience doesn't mean they also have the skill to explain what's happening at the ground, in juicy manner. It's a fact that there are few commentators like Harsha Bhogle and Tony Cozier who never played even at first class level but they themselves are class apart (aka exceptions).

If I wanted to become a cricket commentator, I would try and get hold of some broadcasting companies like Sky sports in UK, Neosports in India, Tensports from UAE, Supersport in Africa, skytv in New Zealand and do whatever they suggest me. Moreover, I'll try to find some less celebrity like commentators who can advice me how they got where they are and take their advice.

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