How to book tickets of ind vs nz 5th ODI in chennai?
Asked by: Subhas on 16-11-2010

Commented by Binit on 16 Nov, 2010

There's hardly any information on how to buy tickets online for the fifth and final one day international between India and New Zealand at Chidambram stadium in Chennai, on 10th December 2010. We still have over a fortnight to go and you can expect a public announcement from authorities this week or the next. meanwhile, you can contact Tamilnadu cricket association directly and hope for an answer asap. their address is :-

Tamilnadu Cricket Associations
M.A. Chidambaram Stadium
Victoria Hostel Road, Chepauk, Chennai - 600005.
Phone : 91 44 28544175. Fax : 91 44 28552677
e-mail :

Update : Tickets are available at the venue, to be sold on first come first served basis, from 5th Dec (Sunday) onwards. Tickets range from Rs 200 to Rs 500 to even Rs 5000. Capacity of stadium is around 50,000
Special thanks to Chetan, Sathish, Govindan and Sesha for bringing up the information.

Commented by parthiban on 18 Nov, 2010

thank u

Commented by subash on 19 Nov, 2010

when is the date of ticket issueing

Commented by pradeep on 19 Nov, 2010

please keep this updated

Commented by SACHIN on 20 Nov, 2010

Details will be available only by nov last.

Commented by Dinesh on 21 Nov, 2010

When does the ticket booking starts?

Commented by Ramji on 21 Nov, 2010

Hi, I am also curious to know the date of issance of ticket. Appreciated if you let me know / email me. Thanks in-advance!

Commented by Sagar on 22 Nov, 2010

Thanks for your updates. Please let me know once it will start.

Commented by syed on 23 Nov, 2010

i am waiting for the date of ticket issue.

Commented by jack on 23 Nov, 2010

Nov 29th they will be issuing the tickets.

Commented by muthu on 23 Nov, 2010


Commented by raj on 23 Nov, 2010

Where the tickets wil be sold for 5th ODI in chennai?????? and from when?????

Commented by saravanakumar on 23 Nov, 2010

when reliashed ticket for 5th odi ind vs nz

Commented by Vivi on 23 Nov, 2010

Hii guys...Are you sure with nov. 29th of issuing the ticket.?? Or any other dates to be in concern?? can u plz make this post updated? Im from Pondy! I dont know the procedures to buy the tickets! Plz guide me guys!! Im so curious to Watch the match LIVE thank U! Cheers! :)

Commented by Sussie on 25 Nov, 2010

Hi Guys. i have contacted the TNCA by calling them directly and they said the dates will be published in the Daily...If i have any thing from myside i will update u guys.. hoping the same from u r end..

Commented by Raja on 26 Nov, 2010

Latest update: There is lot of construction work is on progress at Chepauk, so there is bit of doubt for 5th ODI at Chennai. Thats why plenty of delay in announcing ticket sale!! Hope things will favour Chennai fans.

Commented by Mahe on 27 Nov, 2010

waiting for the date of ticket issue.

Commented by Parvath on 27 Nov, 2010

is there a website for buying the tickets online? or are there any centers selling the tickets from nov 29th or any other date? Pls update if anyone has an answer

Commented by Sathish on 27 Nov, 2010

Today i call to TNCA . They will be announce on the paper and media on dec.1 and they will issue on dec.2 . And TNCA members answer with good response.

Commented by kums on 27 Nov, 2010

so dec 2 will be the confirmed date of issuing tickets right....?

Commented by RANJITH on 28 Nov, 2010

plz inform us if the bookings start..i had planned to book tickets..dis is d first time m goin 2 buk don know anythng abot the procedures..plz guide me anyone...& plz don forget 2 inform the issue date :)

Commented by nikhil on 28 Nov, 2010

hey guys i iam in touch with TNCA .tickets will be issued on DEC 2.match is confirmed on dec 10 it ll be played in chepauk only..i ll upadate with watever info i guys also Please keep me posted on this ticket issue.thanks

Commented by muralli on 28 Nov, 2010

thr no online booking????or we hav to get th tickets 4m th stadium?

Commented by TKRISHNARAJ on 28 Nov, 2010

waiting for the date of ticket issue

Commented by Nehru on 29 Nov, 2010

we are waiting for tickets

Commented by govindan on 29 Nov, 2010

i went to chepauk venue on 28/11/2010. they said they will publish about the ticket information in hindu on december 1 2010

Commented by Moses on 29 Nov, 2010

@govindan: Thanks for your info dude...

Commented by Pragadeesh on 29 Nov, 2010

What about the ticket rates? Does any one know..

Commented by shankar on 29 Nov, 2010

what is the minimum rates and what are the rates subsequently

Commented by kumar on 29 Nov, 2010

dai eppada ticket kodupinga?????????

Commented by sesha on 29 Nov, 2010

i too called tnca.. they say to check paper in two days.. mostly it will open december 2 or 3...

Commented by Sridhar on 30 Nov, 2010

Hi I have got information that tickets for 5th ODI at Chennai between Ind vs NZ will be issued from 2nd Dec 2010.

Commented by sesha on 30 Nov, 2010

@sridhar- are you sure?.. i just called tnca.. they said it will take two to three days more.. that is mostly on dec 3 or 4.. where you got info?.. and no ad is published in hindu till dec 1

Commented by bramma on 01 Dec, 2010


Commented by Sathish on 01 Dec, 2010

Its very very poor for issuing the tickets.

Commented by Mat on 01 Dec, 2010

Dec 2 10 AM: Just now I called TNCA and they are telling that they are not going to issue today and will let us know the date through newspaper :(

Commented by Ramesh on 01 Dec, 2010

I think there wont be online booking for this time too... Too late for d announcement... Rain may threaten us....

Commented by jsdn on 01 Dec, 2010

OFC. The climate in chennai is rainy for the past few days and the schools n colleges have also closed due to rain. Am afraid, that if it prolongs ??????????!!!

Commented by ganesh on 02 Dec, 2010

These guys are useless. Bangalore has has to get tickets available online! Every time for a TNCA match, we have to stand in line like beggars for a few hrs and then the tickets get sold out.... When will TNCA learn that the Internet is a convenient medium for sale?

Commented by Satish on 02 Dec, 2010

Ticket will be issued only after december 10!!!!!!!!!!!!

Commented by sesha on 02 Dec, 2010

Friends the reason they do not open internet booking is this.. If this happens, then most of them will get tickets easily from home.. There will be no consideration for those who stand in queue from morning 6...

Commented by yogesh on 03 Dec, 2010

Are the people who stand in line going to get ticket that costs above 1500 or 1000? so its ok to sell those tickets online right..

Commented by LAKSHMANAN on 03 Dec, 2010

hai guys am also waiting for that. but i went two time in stadium they told me we will announce through newspaper. Then i went dec 2 and ask the security he told me will issue dec 3 or 5

Commented by Karthi on 03 Dec, 2010

Call up TNCA, through phone.. after listening they are just banging the phone... without any answer. it is a insult... and see how people are there .... i dont think we will be a developed nation in future.

Commented by Prabhu on 03 Dec, 2010

3rd Dec: I called TNCA this morning and they told me that the ads would come out on papers tomorrow and the sale will begin on Sunday.

Commented by govindan on 03 Dec, 2010

hi . this is true. from december 5 u can get tickets from stadium

Commented by govindan on 03 Dec, 2010

it will be a good race for all from sunday morning december 5th to go and get tickets. leave it . all of u will get tickets and enjoy the match

Commented by RANJITH on 03 Dec, 2010

Oh thanks.. Can anyone tell that what is the starting rate for the ticket??? this is the first time am booking, thats why.. pls help.

Commented by chetan on 03 Dec, 2010


Commented by shankar on 03 Dec, 2010

thanks chetan for so long waited info. can any suggest what is the minimum rate and subsequent rates pl. and from wat time we reach stadium to get tickets on sunday. wil be tickets sold in sunday itself. the total seats are 50000 i think so.

Commented by NISHANTH on 03 Dec, 2010

pls tell about the starting rates of the ticket.......on monday is there any ticket available?

Commented by sathish on 03 Dec, 2010

tnca publish the adds in all media and the papers today they will issue tickets from tommorrow lowest rates 200 g upper stand 500 abc lower stands

Commented by shankar on 04 Dec, 2010

thank u sathish for the information will pass to every one. thanks a lot

Commented by shankar on 04 Dec, 2010

Tickets for India vs New Zealand 5th ODI online tickets will be sold form 05.12.2010 at the TNCA counters. But the online tickets for 5th ODI in Chennai Chidambaram Stadium will be definitely available at the respective stadiums prior of the matches. Tickets Prices for India vs New Zealand 5th ODI Chennai • A,B,C Lower stand: Rs.500 - Location of booth is V.H road • C Upper Tier: Rs.1500 - Location of booth is TNCA office • A,B,C A/c Box level: Rs.10000 - Location of booth is TNCA office • D Lower bowl: Rs.2500 - Location of booth is TNCA office • D,E,F A/c Box level: Rs.15000 - Location of booth is TNCA office • G Upper stand: Rs.200 - Location of booth is V.H road • H Upper stand: Rs.3000 - Location of booth is TNCA office • G,H A/c Box level: Rs.10000 - Location of booth is TNCA office • Terrace T3 : Rs.4000 - Location of booth is TNCA office • Terrace T1 : Rs.8000 - Location of booth is TNCA office • Anna Pavilion AC: Rs.12000-Location of booth is TNCA office Tickets for all respective seats will be sold from 9 am to 1pm and 3pm to 6pm at the counters of MA Chidambaram Stadium Chepauk Chennai. Each person can get the maximum of 2 tickets. From 6th of December tickets will be sold in TNCA office subject to availability.

Commented by Sathish on 04 Dec, 2010

I AM FIRST TO got the 200 ticket in CHEPAUK Chennai TODAY .

Commented by Praveen on 04 Dec, 2010

Thats a great feel. congrats. can u kindly tell me where is the paper advertisement, is there refund on rain and more than 2 tickets can a person buy?

Commented by ganesh on 04 Dec, 2010

Got Rs 500 ticket. went at 8:50 am. got ticket at 9:20 am. no queue for higher priced tickets. if u go today, u will get the tickets.

Commented by nikhil on 05 Dec, 2010

I got tickets in A will be view from A stand? anyone has watched any match from A stand?

Commented by Ramesh on 05 Dec, 2010

I got 500rs ticket today.. 200rs sold out within an hour.. @above 1ly 2 tickets ll be given per person...

Commented by Arun on 05 Dec, 2010

No refund will be provided if match gets washed out..probably u can save money for IND-WI Worldcup Match in chennai

Commented by shankar on 05 Dec, 2010

Refunds will only be made if the match is cancelled without a single ball being bowled. the view of cricket stadium and its seating arrangement can see in the following website -

Commented by ganesh on 06 Dec, 2010

@nikhil: A stand view is decent. will be midwicket or 3rd man was formerly known as cognizant stand. Seats in the upper tier will be far better. they cost 1500 for Dec 10 match but 1000 for WC matches

Commented by nikhil on 07 Dec, 2010

@ganesh: thanks. how Abt worldcup tickets..are the bookings Open? can u update me abt it?

Commented by ganesh on 07 Dec, 2010

visit and the cricket link from there for WC tickets

Commented by vivek on 08 Dec, 2010

Tickets for the worldcup has been hiked from 200 to 20000

Commented by Vasu on 08 Dec, 2010

the match will be washed out as the weather forecast not suitable till friday

Commented by mavis on 08 Dec, 2010

I too believe rain will hit and also check with one of my friend working in metreological department. Please do not buy the tickets because it will be refunded only if there is a wash out without a ball bowled.

Commented by vinoth on 09 Dec, 2010

mr.mavis Friday rain will not come. please check the cricinfo of 5th ODI weather status.

Commented by Sathish on 09 Dec, 2010

I am the first man to got the two hundred rupees tickets in Chepauk and another my 5 friends got a two hundred tickets respectively

Commented by RAMU on 09 Dec, 2010


Commented by mavis on 09 Dec, 2010

I also wanted not to rain but if it rains the losers are not only newzealand but we too.

Commented by Bala on 09 Dec, 2010

If I go today (match day - dec 10) will I be able to get Rs.200 tickets? i.e a few hours prior to the start of play..

Commented by sathish on 09 Dec, 2010

hi bala 200 rs already sold out on dec.5 itself .these tickets are sold out within a hour on dec5

Commented by viki on 18 Mar, 2011

hi ... will there be fence put up in front of the 500 rs stand for the world cup in chennai stadium ? how will the view be ? can anyone help me pls ??

Commented by rajesh on 03 Sep, 2012

rajesh : hai i got ticket at a great fare of 25 rs

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