List of indian cricketers who scored century on debut in test matches
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A total of 96 batsmen overall have scored century on test debut. Lawrance Rowe of West Indies and Yasir Hameed of Pakistan even scored century in each innings of their debut test match.

Now restricting this list to the Indian batsmen to score century on test debut, we've 14 cricketers which are mentioned below. Abbas Ali, Surinder Amarnath (son of Lala Amarnath), Praveen Amre, Sourav Ganuly, Virendra Sehwag and Suresh Raina scored their maiden hundreds away from home. Mohammad Azharuddin scored three centuries back to back from his debut while Ganguly did it in his first two tests.

Lala Amarnath = 118 vs England at Mumbai, Dec 1933.
Deepak Shodhan = 110 vs Pakistan at Kolkata, Dec 1952.
Kripal Singh = 100* vs New Zealand at Hyderabad, Nov 1955.
Abbas Ali Baig = 112 vs England at Old Trafford, Jul 1959.
Hanumant Singh = 105 vs England at Delhi, Feb 1964.
Gundappa Viswanath = 137 vs Australia at Kanpur, Nov 1969.
Surinder Amarnath = 124 vs New Zealand at Auckland, Jan 1976.
Mohammad Azharuddin = 110 vs England at Kolkata, Dec 1984.
Praveen Amre = 103 vs South Africa at Durban, Nov 1992.
Sourav Ganguly = 131 vs England at Lord's, June 1996.
Virendra Sehwag = 105 vs South Africa at Bloemfontein, Nov 2001.
Suresh Raina = 120 vs Sri Lanka at Colombo (SSC), Jul 2010.
Shikhar Dhawan = 187 vs Australia at Mohali, March 2013.
Rohit Sharma = 127* vs West Indies at Kolkata, Nov 2013.

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