What is the caste of Suresh Raina, player of Indian cricket team?
Asked by: dinu on 24-10-2010

Commented by Binit on 24 Oct, 2010

According to wikipedia, cricketer Suresh Raina, born in Gaziabad city in Uttar Pradesh state in India on 27 November 1986, is a Brahmin while another popular site = surfindia says Raina is Kashmiri pandit which is vertually the same thing. Not sure about surfindia but most of the information put forward by Wikipedia is accurate and since both are same similar things, I guess it settles it.

Commented by varun sriram on 21 May, 2011

yes he is a brahmin

Commented by rutuja kulkarni on 18 Nov, 2011

refering thefirst answer i wanna tell that brahmin means onl pandit so it can be said that he is bramhin of kashmiri side

Commented by kabir on 14 Apr, 2012

he is a jaat boy

Commented by SHIV KANT on 26 Nov, 2012

HE definately belongs to a BRAHMIN COMMUNITY.

Commented by ASHWANI on 08 Jan, 2013


Commented by aruni on 15 Jan, 2013

he is definetly a brahmin caste cute boy

Commented by surya on 12 Sep, 2013

No he is a Rajputian from U.P.,later his grand father travelled from U.P. to Srinagar.

Commented by farhan on 09 Nov, 2013

no,he is dogra kshtriya

Commented by anil raina on 24 Dec, 2013

he is kashmiri pandit brahmin

Commented by modini on 11 Jan, 2014


Commented by sudarshan on 16 Jan, 2014


Commented by anmol on 13 Feb, 2014

no Brahmin not. no no no no no!

Commented by Bibhu on 20 Aug, 2014

He is brahmin...

Commented by manoj on 30 Aug, 2014

He is dhiman brahmin

Commented by Dhaval Pandya on 30 Nov, 2014


Commented by Dhananjay on 03 Dec, 2014

I think he is a better brhamin of UP.

Commented by Palani on 24 Dec, 2014

Yes He is Brahmin.

Commented by Parmesh Baghel on 30 Dec, 2014

yes he is a brahmin but nobody knows except Raina

Commented by Randhava on 25 Feb, 2015

He's Indian Cricket Team Player!

Commented by sk pandey on 06 Mar, 2015

No, he is yadav.

Commented by avinash karnwal on 15 Mar, 2015

He is a Jatt.

Commented by Uday on 17 Mar, 2015

He is scheduled caste and his wife belong to scheduled caste too.

Commented by rohit ray on 25 Mar, 2015

Yes he is bhumihar brahmin

Commented by amit k on 26 Mar, 2015

He is a kashmiri pandit (brahmin). Migrated to uttar pradesh after the terrorist attacks on kashmiri pandits

Commented by pramod singh on 26 Mar, 2015

raina is royal jaat

Commented by Jitendra Singh Bharangar on 26 Mar, 2015

Suresh Raina is an Indian cricketer who is playing for India! We should not debate about his caste. He is an INDIAN! Let him play well in concentration for our NATION!

Commented by khilendra Singh on 31 Mar, 2015

Raina is a jaat boy because raina is a jaat gotra

Commented by Yatender on 01 Apr, 2015

He is pandit

Commented by Jashpreet choudhary on 02 Apr, 2015

I met Suresh Raina and asked about his caste. He said gujjar caste based from ghaziabad Rehana (Raina) clan.

Commented by tajeshwar singh on 03 Apr, 2015

Think about country by up lifting of your thoughts from cast-ism. Firstly be an Indian. When anybody plays at world level, He should feel only an Indian, not alana falana of anything.

Commented by Soumo on 10 Apr, 2015

What is the caste of his wife priyanka chaudhary?

Commented by Sanjay Bhartiya on 16 Apr, 2015

It's too sad to say that still our casteism system is more strong than our nationalism.

Commented by SHIVAM on 03 May, 2015


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