Have you booked your World T20 2016 tickets yet?
Asked by: Zoe on 08-03-2016

Commented by Binit on 08 Mar, 2016

Our page on how to book T20 world cup 2016 tickets has raised several queries from fans about the inconvenience they're facing. Recently, David Brooksbank wrote to me from UK about trust issues with BookMyShow.com who'd asked for Credit Card details. Sanjay, an India fan living in US and desperate to watch India v Pakistan T20 at Dharamsala, has not recieved any update from ICC or Bookmyshow after filling up the registration.

To David, I'd like to inform that BookMyShow.com is a pretty reputed ticketing website in India, trustworthy every single time as far as I've personally used for few years now but don't share the details you don't usually have to while doing other online transactions. World T20 is not the end of cricket in India as we've England coming over for 5 tests later this year.

To Sanjay, you probably weren't as lucky on the ballot process. Yes, some tickets will be sold around Dharamsala couple of days before the match but overnight queues are certain whenever that happens.

Have you booked your World T20 2016 tickets yet? tell us your story and I encourage knowledgeable fans to help out foreign cricket fans coming to India by answering their questions here..

Commented by Raghu Malhotra on 08 Mar, 2016

Is there any update on offline ticket for Ind vs Pak ?? I also not happy with ballot process. I have registered at 12:05 PM on 25 feb 16. Still not got any update about lottery system.

Commented by Binit on 08 Mar, 2016

Hey Raghu, Anurag Thakur (President of Himachal Pradesh cricket) had annouced mid-way through last month that offline tickets will be sold few days before the each match that Dharamsala is to host. As of today, we're still unclear where this India v Pakistan World T20 2016 match will be played (although my guess is everything would go as per originally scheduled).

Next couple of days should tell us more..

Commented by R Porwal on 09 Mar, 2016

Hello,I have registered for the Mumbai semi final.I havent got any notification yet.are the results declared or will it be declared 15 days prior to the match day.thank you.

Commented by Binit on 09 Mar, 2016

Hey R Porwal, you've understood the ticketing process perfectly. ICC will be informing fans 15 days before the match they've registered for, with a unique booking link which will be active for 24 hours to do the final ticket booking.

Second Semi-final at Mumbai is on 31st March, which is still 20 days away. You should be getting your booking link next week if your name comes on ballot process. Good luck.

Commented by rafiq patel on 10 Mar, 2016

I booked my flight and hotels iN Delhi mohali mumbai and Kolkata. The way they have sold the tickets through a lottery I cant belive it. I called Bookmy show several times for assistance. They did not know what I was talking about. I have never heard of this tickets being sold through Lottery. I traveled to Sri Lanka and Australia for cricket. I purchased the tickets several months before. Now I know that I will have to pay 10 times morre to watch a match.

Commented by Binit on 10 Mar, 2016

Dear Rafiq Patel, I wouldn't suggest paying even a penny extra to watch any match as there are several agents floating around with little to no authority. If you're looking for a high-in-demand India's match tickets, go through the ballot registration process and hope to get lucky, or enjoy some other high profile match not involving the home team. Tickets will also be sold at Box Office counters around the city but I assume that's not feasible for you.

Commented by Harsha on 10 Mar, 2016

Why tickets are closed for match 25 on 23rd march between India and Qualifier 1?

Commented by Soham on 10 Mar, 2016

Will there be any offline tickets sold for India matches, or the whole process is online??

Commented by Binit on 11 Mar, 2016

To Harsha, for that India v Qualifier match on 23rd March, registration process has completed and only out of those who who've already applied and get lucky will get the notification and then the ticket. You were simply late in acting.

To Soham, Tickets for all fixtures including India's matches will be sold at counters around the host city. We already have tickets for Mohali matches available at Central Bank of India branches around the city of Chandigrah.
That being said, expect Kilometer long queues and overnight wait for few tickets.

Commented by Jyoti on 13 Mar, 2016

Crap process of getting tickets through lottery. M checking for these tickets since Jan and haven't got tickets for ind vs aus match in mohali. I travelled all the way to india from mohali this time of the year just to watch the match and due to this pathetic process of India, haven't got the tickets yet

Commented by Binit on 14 Mar, 2016

A World cup cricket match for India in India, that too against Australia, was always going to be at extreme demand. That's why ballott process has been put in place for everyone to have equal chance.
You shouldn't have have taken it granted that you'll get match tickets.

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