Can Virat Kohli surpass Sachin Tendulkar's record some day?
Asked by: Ram on 25-01-2011
Can Virat Kohli break Sachin Tendulkar's records?
Can't say

Commented by Binit on 26 Jan, 2011

Nah. Virat Kohli will have to bat on wheel chair if he's to play as many games as Sachin Tendulkar did, and then he'll have to maintain the momentum he started his career with. There have been multiple examples when a rookie started his career with flying colors but then, as teams around the world worked out his technique and fame gathered around, they fell apart. Not that Kohli doesn't possess the talent, but does he has the passion for the game to keep playing for more than two decades? that's his biggest challenge.

Now that you ask, Sachin Tendulkar had made 5021 runs from his first 141 one day internationals while Virat Kohli has made 5879 runs at an average of 51.57. Kohli now has 20 centuries while Tendulkar took 197 ODIs to get to the mark..

I maintain, Kohli is far from even dreaming of overhauling Sachin Tendulkar.

Commented by Nicky on 27 Jan, 2011

I think so.

Commented by ram on 27 Jan, 2011

Most of the cricketers today dont know how to stand in longer format after the arrival of t20. but virat kohli suits to any format of the game. he can bat for a long time as like the former player. My opinion is that virat can break the legend's record if he groomed well.

Commented by Gowthambala on 12 Feb, 2011

Yes, at the age of Sachin, Virat Kohli will hold more records than Sachin.

Commented by lokesh on 25 Mar, 2011

if virat kohli & his father both play cricket and we combine the record of both of them then also they never reach near to the record of sachin.....

Commented by Rohan Bagchi on 02 May, 2011

Maybe Sachin took 38 innings to get his maiden century in ODI and kohli took less time to do that but sachin is playing cricket for 22 years can Kohli play for so long?At 38 years of age he is still able to play well.Sachin is extraordinary .

Commented by Santosh Mohite on 09 Jun, 2011

Virat is a good batsman for future of india, but never to say he breaks the master records. Sachin is legend of indian cricket.He still can play next World more runs to come and century.

Commented by joy vincent on 16 Jun, 2011

virat is super player.he got the record of 2000 runs from 54 one day innings.he was he second indian to score fastest 2000.he will definitely break the sachin records

Commented by Rosh on 04 Sep, 2011

i think he can definitely break sachin's record only if he is groomed well, like someone mentioned. And also mr lokesh let me tell you that virat kohli lost his father at the young age of 17 at about 3 in the morning and the same day he played a match and saved his Delhi team from a tight spot with a knock of 90 and was given out wrongly. then he rushed home to perform the last rituals for his father. mark my words all of you, hes the future captain of india

Commented by Naveen on 25 Oct, 2011

Kohli can break sachin records only if he plays for two decades like sachin and also he should maintain the consistency like sachin had.look at sachin playing for almost 22 years.he is improving his batting from year to year.can kohli do this:-):-):-):-)

Commented by sanjaybharti on 26 Oct, 2011

No, never. Kohli can not even think of that.

Commented by Pragya on 27 Oct, 2011

It's too early to say... but I think he can do this if he continues to play like he has in 2011.

Commented by Arun on 28 Oct, 2011

Yes i think so too.

Commented by Kiran N ghatta on 04 Dec, 2011

I think Kohli can reach Tendulkar's ODI hundred records, if he bats consistenly... But very difficult to score those many runs... SACHIN IS ULTIMATE

Commented by Harendra on 06 Dec, 2011

Even the creator of world can't break the God (Sachin) records, how can Kohli?

Commented by suveda rcb on 20 Dec, 2011

ya he can, as a middle order batsman.

Commented by Chaitanya on 26 Dec, 2011

Yes,kohli definetly will do it, his play resembles rahul dravid in classic games, with more speed....rahul dravid+speed=virat... so he may achieve sachins records.

Commented by Ajay Gangwar on 28 Feb, 2012

Yes i think that Virat kohli can break records of Tendulkar. Sachin has been playing for 22 years and due to a long time in cricket he has got these records. He has not done any great thing. Every batsman who is playing at 3rd place can do this if he plays a lot of cricket. Kohli has shown power of his bat in just four years. Now sachin is also afraid of it and he will be playing cricket after world cup of 2015 so that kohli cant break his record and the main thing for keeping in mind is that word impossible also says that i m possible. Definitely kohli will break his records.

Commented by Muruga on 28 Feb, 2012

Harendra, Records are made to be broken. If anyone who could break Sachin record means, It would be Kohli. He's shining off like anything. From the start off his carrer till now he was has been consistent.

Commented by SANKHA on 09 Mar, 2012

Sorry to all the people who are saying virat can break Sachin's record? HE EVEN CANNOT BREAK SACHINS RECORD IN DREAM. HE CAN REACH 13000 RUNS BUT NOT 15000, BCOZ SACHIN IS UNBREAKABLE.

Commented by SWETHA on 12 Mar, 2012


Commented by Suraj on 13 Mar, 2012

I dont think that we should compare Virat with the masterb laster. Every player get a time but Sachin is maintaining that from two decades the question is that If Virat can do that.......

Commented by Sunil on 15 Mar, 2012

Sachin is inspiration for Virat. But sure Virat's aggressiveness will certainly boost the young generation that look forward to step into Indian cricket dressing room.

Commented by Muskaan on 16 Mar, 2012

GOD has made each & every person & they are unique. For example even if they are twins like the pathan brothers you can see the difference one is playing for India & the other is sitting on the bench. Talent is within everyone but the winner is only one.. so in my opinion Virat Kohli can become a good cricketer in future but SACHIN is SACHIN no one can take his place. But he can be idolized by people.

Commented by Kapil on 16 Mar, 2012

No not at all. Becouse we can't assume that virat will play consistently for 20 year & more, but if he plays , he may 2nd legend or god of cricket. Virat can't do the same magic like sachin .....

Commented by UMESH on 17 Mar, 2012

Yes he can, But he needs dedication like Sachin Tendulkar.

Commented by kiran on 17 Mar, 2012

It is very difficult to Virat to pass Tendulkar records. Because it needs to play him more than 20 years & I think Virat will not play that much as compared to Sachin.

Commented by Babloo on 17 Mar, 2012

How can we compare both of them???? Both are good in their own ways.....

Commented by naresh on 17 Mar, 2012

Mission Impossible.

Commented by Rupesh on 17 Mar, 2012

Virat is more a team player whenver he plays well he goes to end the game in indias favour always. he is always a self speaker. If he plays Another 17-18 years the way he is promising today , he can be a more than a TENDULKAR. he is also posses great leadership qualities..

Commented by Sandeep Kurade on 17 Mar, 2012

Definately Virat Kohali is a good batsman but it is very difficult for him because to break the records it is not enough you have one most important think fitness to play more matches, also sachin created records in both test as well as ODI so it is not easy for Virat..

Commented by susanta on 18 Mar, 2012

virat is a sensible player.even he can surpass sachin's record.he has class and potential as good as sachin.any one who plays consistently like virat would definitely reach that milestone.but one thing is certain that to reach that goal one has to play near about 20 years which normally looks difficult in this modern era as there are lots of cricket are being played.

Commented by Prem Dason on 18 Mar, 2012

Awww christ ... Guys how cud u compare tht kid wit de legend ... 4 yrs nd 2 decades no comparison boss. Once he is out form evrythng will juz vanish de fame nd de centuries ...

Commented by janmenjoy on 18 Mar, 2012

Virat is a good player, but Sachin is the best. this type of gossip must not be carried on.

Commented by dev sarwar on 19 Mar, 2012

Virat Kohli is best future player but Sachin is god of cricket!

Commented by harry on 19 Mar, 2012

He is not next Tendulkar but actually he is next Ricky Ponting as he is the future captain. He leads from the front, and like Ricky he is also a angry young man.

Commented by Ramkrishna on 19 Mar, 2012

No never.... do not compare these two guys......

Commented by Rajesh on 19 Mar, 2012

The word IMPOSSIBLE states itself " I M POSSIBLE " and if there wil b no politics inside the team Virat can break the records , the record which he cant broke is "whenever sachin made his century india lost there most games "

Commented by Subbu on 19 Mar, 2012

never.. mr rosh don't ever imagine that.. kholi eventhough is a very good player, he cannot do what tendulkar has done.. it's about maintaining the form for 22yrs+ and not about scoring 11 tons in 83 ODIs.. all u guys who compare kholi with the master please don't forget that u all were the guys who used turn off the tv after sachin was getting out or atleast would had lost the confidence of india's win after his dismissal.. so just shut and watch tendulkar's adding records for atleast another 3 yrs..

Commented by Lokinder on 19 Mar, 2012

Never, he is almost 8 years behind Sachin's age and with lots of cricket ,competition there will be lots of physical strain on the body.

Commented by Mukesh Chandel on 20 Mar, 2012

Virat can do so but he has to have patience in his game. patience is the key factor for long run. Every dream come true but you have to plan for that. I am sure that he has planned for it. Not now but time will teach him and no doubt he can do so. Wish a good luck for him and Indian team.

Commented by AMIT on 23 Mar, 2012

If the Sir DON himself will come to bat and play for 23 years, even he won't be able to break Sachin's record.

Commented by Navaid on 23 Mar, 2012

Surely Virat Kohli will break all the batting records one day. He is the most talented batsman ever. He is amazing. extra ordinary. Wonderful to watch. He is the greatest batsman of all times.

Commented by Tendulkar fan on 25 Mar, 2012

Everybody should remember one fact that from the age of 16 onward, Tendulkar played most of world class bowlers. for eg;Reverse swing specialist wasim akram, technical bowlers like glenn mcgrath chaminda vaas and spin magicians shane warne n muttaih muralidharan n the speedstar shoaib akthar.. my question is, can kohli survive 4 2 decades like Tendulkar?

Commented by Anil on 25 Mar, 2012

Don't compare them just now. Let some more time go by & let them play freely without creating doubts in their mind. We'll see how it goes..

Commented by Abhishek kaushal on 27 Mar, 2012

Some of the sachin's fan may find it hard to shallow but virat can break sachin's record even if he get 70% of the chance sachin got.Chance means i'm talking abt matches not 22 years as now-a-days more matches are being played than 80's or 90's.Everyone talk abt sachin's record but they neglect the dark side of this.No one talk abt how much chance he has got and how many times team has suffered due to his personal milestones.

Commented by Arun on 28 Mar, 2012

Hi, guys why are all fighting like this.. Sachin himself said he wishes only an Indian breaks his record... So virat can make it only if he play like sachin for atleast 20 years... So All the best for sachin to get 400 runs in test and 150 centuries in international matchs and virat keep your good form to make near to sachin everest records feet... ALL THE BEST

Commented by Luke on 31 Mar, 2012

Not in terms of stats but ability wise. Why not? He proved it recently in his innings of 180 odd in the Asia Cup and a certain Rohit Sharma is not too far behind either. Watch out for him as well

Commented by Prashant. on 10 Apr, 2012

Sachin is god of cricket & Virat is beta of cricket. As Viru said to Shoib Akhtar in a match : BAAP BAAP HOTA HAIN BETA BETA HI HOTA HAIN.

Commented by Srini on 13 Apr, 2012

Im a huge fan of Kohli's but this just seems to hard for the young guy to break the records of the master if kohli can play another 20 year i bet he can do it but looking at it now it seems impossible we will see

Commented by Makarand on 25 Apr, 2012

Actually Virat can, But he will be a tremendous Captain. BCCI knows his captainship skills so sooner or later they'll make him Captain. And under captainship pressure he will surpass Ponting only not Sachin Tendulkar.

Commented by Amresh Kumar on 26 Apr, 2012

Forget about breaking Sachin's record. It will good luck for India if Virat comes even 60% as close to Sachin. Breaking record of Sachin is almost like breaking record of Lata Mangeshkar in music :). Virat is Good but Sachin is God.

Commented by Changiz Baluch on 29 Apr, 2012

Well it wont be an easy task for any one, though nothing is impossible. Kohli has to maintain his consistency and most importantly maintain his fitness through out his career. Sachin started his career when he was just 16 and he has played for more than 22 years to surpass all those milestones, so virat kohli has to play as many matches as the master has played and show a resembling temprament to surpass all those milstones.

Commented by Yadavendra on 04 May, 2012

Sachin was in the wrong team for the most part of his career. He used to bat down the order at the beginning. He had to go through the rough phase when Indian team used to lose everything. Earlier, once Sachin got out the team used to follow him to the pavilion. Now Virat is playing with best team possible which will give him lot of confidence as there are match winners to follow him which will make him play his natural game and score runs and moreover he is batting at no3 from the beginning. Even if Virat plays for 22 years I dont think he can even come closer to the Sachin's records.

Commented by Ishan on 05 May, 2012

i think its depended on commitment of virat to the game. he has to play for 20 years from now to break legends records.if he stay then well and fine but possibility is very less as test cricket is now getting boring and virat after few years might leave that format of the game. its hard to say at start of virat career...

Commented by Cricket fanatic on 17 Nov, 2014

Taking a look at today's bowling standards, Kohli will sure be setting the par high. I feel Kohli he developed more than a record breaker image in Indian fans, he is now playing Mr.dependable. As a captain he sure has to excel. Comparison with Sachin's competition is no where near. Sachin faced the most lethal bowlers in the history of cricket while Kohli is facing merely a shadow of them. He has done really well in his 'off-form' period, he is consistent than any other Indian batsman today, he doesn't hurry and throw away golden chances like Shikhar Dhawan does. He is batting sensibly according to the situation. He is showing maturity & beyond. He has a chance lying ahead, similar one that Ricky pointing had. I think this 2015 world cup is very vital for his career. Should he take India to victory on his shoulders. He will have a name for himself and not the next somebody.

Commented by Janakiraman on 15 Dec, 2014


Commented by Sri on 08 Jan, 2015

Kohli is the greatest batsman India has ever produced.. NOT SACHIN!

Commented by ANOOP on 17 Feb, 2015

Yes he can. If he maintains his consistency and fitness , 50 hundreds will be possible within next seven years. He will be 33-34 then so we might be looking at a lot more 100s. Remember sachin got his last 10 hundreds after 35. Regarding getting to 18427 runs , its one hell of a task. But nothing is impossible if he is fit and consistent , and in the coming years sky is the limit for kohli. He should definitely surpass 14000 though. I am looking forward to 2015 cwc for kohli to prove his winnability at the big stage. Tendulkar was definitely one of the game's big ticket players.

Commented by Srinivas on 03 Mar, 2015

Virat got to 22 hundreds in, let's say 160 matches. He will play another 250 ODI in that he will score at least 3O hundreds easily, for which he has to play next 8-10 years of continued cricket. All the best Virat Kohli, keep your current form going on forever.
Virat Kohli is god of cricket for next generation.

Commented by Lingaraj on 06 Mar, 2015

Statisticscally, Yes Kohli can reach 49 ODI centuries. But the later can face challenges due to the vast amount of cricket they play these days. IPL, T20, and all that.... Eventually, it's too early to comment whether he can surpass sachin's 49 centuries ... Let's see how it goes, but undoubtedly Kohli is a big star in International cricket and a gift to Indian team.

Commented by Sam on 10 Mar, 2015

Yes Kohli can definitely break Sachin's record as Virat has a target of chasing Sachin's record. Apart from this, he is playing with the best team. But Sachin played when India was not in a good position and he had also faced most of the all time best bowlers such as Wasim, McGrath, Donald, Warne, Vaas, Akhtar, etc. Virat has seen the techniques from most of his seniors already but Sachin, Ganguly, Dravid, Laxman have to learn by themselves without any proper support. Virat also got the chance to learn from their Senior's mistake. One of such example is nervous nineties.
So, after that much of support if a person is passionate then they can easily achieve the records. And records r meant to be broken. Also in Sachin's generation, 270 was considered as great score but these days even a non test playing nation is scoring 300+.

Commented by Nilesh on 07 May, 2015

If Virat keeps playing IPL every year it will become harder and harder to catch Sachin.....

Commented by nachiket on 20 Jan, 2016

Yes i bliv he cn n if he does so m sure he wl benefit d team on d way to that records!

Commented by Rocket Singh on 21 Jan, 2016

I met Virat Kholi first time in 2009, Asked for a picture... he said hey buddy i am not even in the team why u wanna picture with me? that time i said you cant judge the future by its name. after that i've met him 4 more times. He is really a much better batsman than any other batsman in the world at this time but for sachin sir was record breaking.... i will say please give some time to Virat because u cant judge the future by its name!

Commented by Varun Puri on 21 Jan, 2016

Virat Kohli will break all odi records but he won't be able to that in tests compared to master blaster.

Commented by Harshit Kaushik on 29 Jan, 2016

one of them played extraordinarly out of the way at that time which was differnt from now at that a century in 80 balls but now a century in 60 balls is to be declared the best sachin had a tremandous energy with fortune favouring him virat is playing too good but he cant show or break the class with wich sachin played. Playing one day at 14 is not easy at international level. Sachin had earned respect in whole of the world from all cricketers if virat will be able to do so he culd be another sachin and after that another sachin will be there virat hold a great potential but not to the level of sachin

Commented by Jenice on 26 Feb, 2016

Sure he Can. Record has been created to break, But Only a Indian Can Break Sachin's Records. My Hope is Virat and Rohit Can Make it happen

Commented by Ash on 26 Mar, 2016

Pls do not compare Sachin and Virat . He may breaks Sachin odi centuries record but he cannot become the next Sachin . There was a time when the entire team depended on Sachin to win the match but now it's not like that.virat has other match winners like Rohit, Dhoni.

Commented by Murali on 27 Mar, 2016

I think he can, provided if he gets support like sachin got throughout his career. Despite of all the odds are against the master blaster he was given opportunities to play for the country. His position was secured. But i am personally against a player playing so many games n for so many years seizing the opportunity for others. There are so many talented players who are waiting for the opportunities. So, i think that no player should stay so long in any sport.

Commented by Ashish on 27 Mar, 2016

Yes . today's match 27th March 2016 was different . Not good to compare Sachin and Virat but I felt more relaxed watching Virat playing than watching Sachin in those days. No its not about presence of other key players like Dhoni , Yuvi but the attitude which this guy has. Hats Off and he will going on to become legend one day!!Watch out !!

Commented by Asiff on 28 Mar, 2016

Kohli should continue to focus on his batting and perform well rather than focus on making or breaking records. Records are meant to be broken and will be broken by somebody down the lane.. I wish that somebody can be Kohli if he can sustain the game and continue to perform with same passion for all the years to come. I wish Kohli all the best and continued success.

Commented by Siva on 29 Mar, 2016

Yes sachin is god and kohli is our junior god. he will surpass all his odi records and will be greatest t20 batsmen of all time

Commented by Prakash Kumar on 30 Mar, 2016

No way....the quality of bowlers at that time were present bowler is even close to those legendary don't compare the runs made by sachin in the 90s era to that of kohli in present has now become more a batsmen game with part-time bowlers....also technically sachin was more sound than kohli.He had more range of shots.. Kohli is the best batsmen of this era...So no comparison please

Commented by Ipsit Mishra on 30 Mar, 2016

The runs scored by virat kohli is valuable and contribute much in india's victory, he plays for his team and not for himself. Sachin played mostly for himself and to make his records, he never played well in crucial finals and never set in crease to bring out pressure in negative conditions. If virat maintains his game, he will break tendulkar's record. This is not the matter that a player hits 100 centuries, the matter is how much he is contributed for winning the team.

Commented by Manoj on 31 Mar, 2016

I think virat can surpass sachin. Two things are important. One, today's wicket is made in batsman's favor. Two, virat has to show passion and consistancy like sachin. Sachin is no doubt far far better than virat, but virat also would be legendary one day.

Commented by Hemant on 02 Apr, 2016

No way one can be compared with the master blaster, cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar. He was beauty in the pitch and always played quality cricket like the way it has to be played. Sachin gained the fame according to the game he played, but these people today are particularly playing for fame, loads of difference. As someone said above, where are those quality bowlers to weigh a batsmen performance today ? Sachin Tendulkar is a bench mark, where as these are all passing vehicles on the road.

Commented by Shounak Lahiri on 07 Apr, 2016

It is not about whether he can surpass Sachin. Sachin in his era did something which nobody else dreamt of doing and inspired a whole generation of sehwags, Rohits and Virats. it is also a misconception that he didn't play in crucial games. He was in his prime in late 90s and early 2000s when he played in many many crucial matches but was simply without a back up. It is not so now. Also staying till the end in a t20 match and ODI, esp for an opener, is very different. Also as someone rightly pointed out could anyone show me the match of Mcgrath, Brett Lee, Warne, Muralitharan, Vaas, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Saqlain Mushtaq, Shoaib Akhtar, Amrose, Walsh, Bishop, Alan Donald.......list is endless.....Today other than few like Dale Steyn etc there is none. Add to it the bat quality and shorter fields. MCG, SCG, Eden of 90s and today are not the same. So while Tendulkar should not be compared to Gavaskar similarly Virat should not be compared with SRT. He will be surely a great of this era with very positive temperament but miles to go to catch the original master blaster.

Commented by Rishav Kumar on 30 May, 2016

Have patience time will answer this to everyone.

Commented by Soumya on 05 Jun, 2016

Comparing Virat to Sachin is indeed obnoxious. It�s like comparing two generations without keeping the context in mind. Sachin played 200 Test matches and amassed 15,921 runs at an average of 53.78. He played 463 One-Day Internationals and scored above 18,000 runs at a respectable average of 44.83. Virat has played 41 Tests and averages 44.02; in his 171 One-Dayers he averages above 51. As statistical comparisons go, there�s nothing to compare as yet. Sachin is miles ahead in number of matches played. And averages tend to dip as you go longer. There will be low phases in the career. We have to wait till Virat plays at least 100 Tests.

But more than the numbers, what is impressive about Sachin is how he changed the way we perceive cricket. Indian cricket was docile, he made it emphatic; it was staid, he made it vibrant. He blended class with talent, aggression with correctness, individual brilliance with team effort and a bit of ODI temper with that of the Test and lifted up the quality of cricket several notches. He represented a transition in mindset from the Gavaskar era. He played a pivot to the evolution of Indian cricket.

Commented by shishir SRIVASTAVA on 19 Oct, 2016

Virat is best campaign sachin

Commented by Mohit on 23 Oct, 2016

Yeah delhi ka munda hae..!! He is born to be legend.!!will break each record of cricket..!!!

Commented by vinayak on 24 Oct, 2016

Yes virat can n he doesn't need so many years to make the same records as sachin did. Virat will break all records of sachin in a less time of period than sachin

Commented by Anjan Mallik on 27 Oct, 2016

* Virat Kohli will play for at Least 10 more years in which he shall play at least (10 x 12 Tests) = 120 Tests + 48 Tests as of Now = 168 Tests * Virat will also play (20 x 10) = 200 More ODI's +175 ODI as of Now= 375 ODI * In this Period Virat shall score at Least 4 Test Centuries Per Year and at least 5 ODI Centuries Per year. * Virat Will Definitely make the following Records: 1. 65 Centuries in ODI (Most ODI Centuries EVER) 2. 55 Centuries in Tests (Most Tests centuries EVER) 3. 20 Centuries in IPL (Most IPL centuries EVER) 4. 20, 000 ODI Runs (Most runs in ODI EVER) 5. 17, 000 Tests Runs (Most runs in Tests EVER) 6. 7, 000 Runs in T20I (Most Runs in T20I EVER) 7. 120 Tests as Indian Captain (Most Tests as Captain EVER) 8. 60 Tests Win as Captain (Most Tests Win surpassing Ricky Pointing) 9. Most FOUR's in ODI & Test Cricket (Surpassing Sachin Tendulkar) 10. 25, 000 Runs in IPL (Most Runs in IPL EVER)

Commented by Wazid ali on 06 Nov, 2016

Kohli is a much better player than Sachin, so obviously he will demolish all the records.

Commented by DiYa Chatore on 20 Nov, 2016

No doubt, Virat Kohali will break record of most hundreds in ODI of that Sachin Tendulkar and then no will break that record.

Commented by sashi on 21 Nov, 2016

yes kohli can beat any records.he is playing for team not for centuries like sachin

Commented by Saul Thapa on 29 Nov, 2016

No Never

Commented by sk patel on 10 Dec, 2016

Yes Kohli. Can any record break & he improve in your cricket gradually in short time

Commented by Ravindra on 22 Dec, 2016

Wait and watch until virat kohli reach the record..... He definitely breaks the record of Sachin Tendulkar in odi

Commented by Virat kumar on 18 Jan, 2017

Einstein is a legendary physicist, till now every one follow his laws to begin for career, so virat cant break sachin he'll be just his fellower and fans.

Commented by pravin sinde on 18 Jan, 2017

if also kohli breaks sachins rocord then also sachin is great. because sachin makes his runs in front faster bowlers like waqar unise, wasim akram, shoaib akhtar, chaminda vaas, glen macgrath, bret lee, johnson, shane bond, allen donald, shaun pollock, dale stein, makhaya ntini, heath streak, andrew flintoff, darren gough, jimmy anderson, courney walsh, courney ambrose and spinners like saqlain mushtaq, abdul kadir, mushtaq ahmed, muthaiya murlidharan, ajanta mendis, ranganna herath, shane warne, stuart macgill, danniel vettory, paul adams, ashley giles, greame swann etc. all these fasters and spinners are matchwinners for there country. some like shane warne, murlidharan, courney walsh, wasim akram are making milstones in taking wickets. so i want to tell here now is nowdays in all over the world is there is a single fast bowler or single spin bowler available which are good as compare to any above mentione bowler. and sure is answer is no not at all. thats why if kohli breaks sachins record in any format then also kohlis record has no importance at all. so ultimately sachin is great.

Commented by Agney Bharadwaj on 25 Apr, 2017

Centuries of VK is now 40-plus.He plays more 10 years..In this gap he reaches the record of god(Sachin)

Commented by Muthu abiseks on 26 May, 2017

Yes virat beat sachin's record at the age of 33 or 35. If he scored four centuries in each year.he definitely beat master record.

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